10. 10. 2021 | VLECS Championship-Cockerclubshow NL | R: Pavel Sulcek (CZ)

4,5 years old female, blueroan, full of substance, beautiful head, strong body, best front, moves well with great drive

  31. 07. 2021 | Vienna Spaniel Show Schloss Wolkersdorf A | R: Maja Horvat (HR)

Exc1 CAC, Vienna Winner, BOS
Wonderful type, excellent size, a bit longer in body, wonderful head with sweet expression, excellent elegant neck, topline and tailset, excellent front and back angulation, moves correct balanced and with really nice temperament, excellent show condition, excellent presentation


  01. 08. 2020 | Cockerclubshow Suchohrad SK | R: Bozena Banasiewicz (PL)

Exc1 CAC
kein Richterbericht

  19. 07. 2020 | Cacib Nitra SK | R: Janka Janekova (SK)

kein Richterbericht

  17. 07. 2020 | Cacib Nitra SK | R: Ludmila Fintorova (SK)

Exc2 resCAC
kein Richterbericht

  02. 02. 2020 | CACIB Timisoara RO | R: Milivoje Urosevic (SRB)

kein Richterbericht

  01. 02. 2020 | CACIB Timisoara RO | R: Dusan Paunovic (SRB)

kein Richterbericht

  31. 01. 2020 | CAC Timisoara RO | R: Weron Grzegorz (PL)

kein Richterbericht


  08. 12. 2019 | Adventshow Cockerclub CZ | R: Nicki Craig (UK)

Exc1 CAC
kein Richterbericht

  18. 08. 2019 | Cacib Bratislava SK | R: Eva Felszegyova (SK)

Exc1 CAC
Richterbericht in SK

  10. 03. 2019 | Klubsiegerschau Graz A | R: T.V.A. Boogaert-Kwint (NL)

Exc2 resCAC
nice muzzle, kind eye, skull falls away a little bit to the back, nice ears, good reach of neck, good front, but because she is too well bodied up the shoulders are a little bit overloaded, very nice hindquarters, tailset could be a little better but the tail is so merry, very good coat, bone and feet, movement in front could be tighter, lovely temperament


  02. 06. 2018 | Clubshow Polna CZ | R: Mark Boswell (UK)

Exc1 CAC
quality intermedia, strong body proportion, matching head, moving happily and freely, keeping topline on the move, good front essembly along with good action

  20. 05. 2018 | Clubshow Bac SK | R: Sally Ellison (UK)

Exc1 CAC
well balanced trhought out, good head and good expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulder, short coupled, well sprung ribs, sound moving, merry

  12. 05. 2018 | CACIB Wieselburg A | R: Eva Feszeghyova (SK)

strong, very well muscled female, well angulated, good forechest, well ribbed, beautiful head, super pigmentation, nice teeth, correct topline and tailset, very nice coat, sound mover, well handled


  9. 12. 2017 | Advent-Clubshow Brno CZ | R: Dusko Piljevic (SRB)

attractive girl of correct type, size, balance for her age, gorgeous head and expression, ears, neck and shoulders, nice legs and feet, nicely round ribs, enough forechest, slightely longer in loin at the moment, excellent topline, tailset and carriage, very sound mover, beautifuly presented

  3. 12. 2017 | IHA Wels A | R: Davor Javor (HR)

Exc1 Juniorwinner
Nice type, good size, slightly longer in loins, excellent coat and condition, too much skin on the neck, excellent head, nice head and expression, very good topline, well angulated, good bones and body, nice temperament and very good mover in all directions

  10. 6. 2017 | Spaniel-Clubshow Stapar SRB | R: Michael Masters (UK)

Very promising 2
nice head that hopefully ould not finish too strong, good ribs, short loins, well angulated, moves sound