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born on August 23rd, 2021 | 3 boys & 2 girls in blueroan

Our first litter with Emilia is born in the night from August 22nd to 23rd. Emilia instinctly did know what to do and is caring excellent for her puppies from begin on. We are happy about 5 strong puppies after Emilia and Jonny - 3 boys and 2 girls. One little boy with just 170g unfortunately was born silent - have a good journey to the rainbow bridge little man! Emilia and her puppies are feeling good and we are looking with pleasure to watch them growing.

Manjuno's Obvious Choice Benico (Mr Petrol) boy blueroan 269 g
Manjuno's Open Book Rumo (Miss Pink) girl blueroan 260 g
Manjuno's Old English Style Antonio (Mr Oliv) boy blueroan 247 g
Manjuno's One Perfection Nala (Miss Lila) girl blueroan 260 g
Manjuno's Once InA Lifetime Emilio (Mr Lime) boy blueroan 270 g
Manjuno's Over The Rainbow boy blueroan

Manjuno's Obvious Choice

Manjuno's Once InA Lifetime

Manjuno's Old English Style

Manjuno's Open Book

Manjuno's One Perfection

Pictures of the puppies

First days | 2 weeks old| 3 weeks old

5 weeks old | 7 weeks old | 8 weeks old | 10 weeks old

11 weeks old | 12 weeks old | Videos | Moving in new homes

Pedigree of the puppies





Alen Ashen Jonny Lee

HD A, AON clear
Patella clear
PRA B, FN clear
Int-Ch, Multi-Ch,
J-EW Alen Ashen Tour de France
Lindridge Five Star Sorbrook Bucks Fizz
Lindridge Fragnantcloud
Alen Ashen Rose Marie
Lynwater Rock Rose
Alen Ashen Rendez-Vous
WW, Rus-Ch
Alen Ashen Jamaica
Cassom Just'N'Time Gb-Ch
Charbonnel Life'N'Time
Cassom Calamity Jane
Alen Ashen Carte Blanshe Int-CH
Alen Ashen Johnny Cake
Alen Ashen Simfonia
Manjuno's Imprint of Thoughts

PRA A, FN & AON clear
Dash of Magic My Own Dream
Cassom Just'N'Times
Charbonnel Life'N'Times
Cassom Calamity Jane
Marveil Ziguli GB-ShCh
Lindridge Star Quest
Cassom Clarissa with Marveil
Int-CH, Multi-CH
Manjuno's Beauty Fame
Phil Maris Dandy Devon
Phil Maris Gavroche
Phil Maris Driada
Int-Ch, Multi-Ch
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star
Mistily's Chatterbox
Dan-L's Wise Portia

Picture of the parents: