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born on May, 23rd 2019 | 1 girl in blueroan

As I was very satisfied with my I-litter after Famie and Jagger, I decided to mate Famie's daughter Jo-Ann too with Jagger. Unfortunately just one egg was fertilized and so our single puppy Joleen was born on mai, 23rd. It was not an easy birth, Joleen was a bit big, but Jo-Ann managed it together with my help. Without siblings it's not nice to grow up, so Joleen got lots of cuddles from me and 7 months old Emilia was allowed to be with Joleen in age of 3 weeks. Emilia was and is so great - she is such a naughty girl with lots of energy - but she adaped herself so great on Joleens steps of developement, lying on her back so that Joleen can climb on her and play with her. With good 4 weeks Joleen already was running together with my adult cockers and she already knew her name exactly. When Joleen was 7 weeks old, we visited puppies in vienna of exactly same age out of our Darky, but Joleen there was much more interested into the adult Cockers :D Joleen developed to an extremely open-minded, very oriented on people and totally uncomplicated little cocker girl! A little spoiled devil - but a piece of gold!

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Manjuno's Just My Imagination

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Multi-Ch Cassom Just'N'Time GbCh Charbonnel Life'N'Time Manaca's Learn Life's Ropes At Charbonnel
Charbonnel Pinny'N'Pearls
Cassom Calamity Jane Cassom Hey Jude
Cassom Busy Lizzie
Marveil Ziguli GbCh Lindridge Star Quest Terriles Taittinger
Lindridge Orange Maid
Cassom Clarissa with Marveil Lynwater Sticky Moment
Cassom Bridget Jones
Manjuno's Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Black Lord The Special One Int-Ch
Black Lord Born To Be Wild
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Black Lord She's Got The Look
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Black Lord Fast'N'Furious
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Phil Maris Driada
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