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born on 13th august 2018 | 5 girls | in blueroan

We expect our first home-made litter (thats why we will call one puppy Manjuno's Home-Made) :-)
This litter is very interesting for me, as first it will be Jonny's first offspring and second, temperament of this litter will be very exciting. I expect very outgoing, happy, showy, powerful puppies with this typical and for the breed so important ever wagging tails, and they should be - if Juno will give her strong "will to please" to her puppies as well - great for working with them in dogsport, as both parents - Jonny & Juno - have this temperament.

Manjuno's High Society Violet female blueroan 408 g
Manjuno's Home Made Whity female blueroan 238 g
Manjuno's Hot to Handle Apple female blueroan 320 g
Manjuno's Hot Chili Pepper Chili female blueroan 354 g

Manjuno's High Society

Manjuno's Home Made

Manjuno's Hot to Handle

Manjuno's Hot Chili Pepper

Pictures from the puppies

First days | 1 week old | 2 weeks old

3 weeks old | 4 weeks old | 5 weeks old |6 weeks old |7 weeks old

9 weeks old | 13 weeks old | 15 weeks old

Videos | Moving of our H's

Pedigree of the puppies





Alen Ashen Jonny Lee

HD A, AON clear
Patella clear
PRA B, FN clear
Int-Ch, Multi-Ch,
J-EW Alen Ashen Tour de France
Lindridge Five Star Sorbrook Bucks Fizz
Lindridge Fragnantcloud
Alen Ashen Rose Marie
Lynwater Rock Rose
Alen Ashen Rendez-Vous
WW, Rus-Ch
Alen Ashen Jamaica
Cassom Just'N'Time Gb-Ch
Charbonnel Life'N'Time
Cassom Calamity Jane
Alen Ashen Carte Blanshe Int-CH
Alen Ashen Johnny Cake
Alen Ashen Simfonia
Manjuno's About A Girl

HD A, AON clear
PRA A, FN clear
Worlewood In It To Win It Lynwater Rising
Glow At Ryallcourt
Lynwater Seahaze
Lynwater Evening Glow
Worlewood Sunshine Worlewood Aint No
Castanea O'So Blue
Int-CH, Multi-CH
Make Me Smile
from Luna's Star
Mistily's Chatterbox
Mistily's Amber Gambler
Charbonnel Grace'N'Favour
Dan-L's Wise Portia GB-CH
Manchela Blue Lagoon
Dan-L's It's About Time

Short video of ultrasound from day 37 of Juno's pregnancy: