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born on 6.7.2017 | 2 boys, 6 girls | all blueroan
All puppies got a lovely new home! Wish my new owners lots of pleasure with little ones!

This time my choice was the sweet young Bruno. He suits perfect to Juno from type and he has incredible great temperament. He is such a lovely boy! Big thank you to his owners Ria & Dietmar Schlemmer for organise that Dietmar could stay some days with Bruno here, so that we could mate without stress. Juno immediatley loved this little charmeur Bruno. We are very excited about Juno's & Bruno's babys!

Juno managed this birth very sovereign and calm, she wanted to give birth on her favorite place in the garden - the agilitytunnel - but we managed to come into whelping box in time, seconds later first puppy was here :-) Birth was without any problems, Juno did great!

Manjuno's Gin'N'Tonic Tony - Mr Green boy blueroan 16:35 260 g
Manjuno's Gentle'N'Naughty Emely - Miss Red girl blueroan 18:05 280 g
Manjuno's Gleam'N'Glamour Poppy - Miss White girl blueroan 18:15 260 g
Manjuno's Guilty'N'Sweet Zoey - Miss Pink girl blueroan 18:30 285 g
Manjuno's Guns'N'Roses Slash - Mr Black boy blueroan 18:45 305 g
Manjuno's Grace'N'Glory Sunny - Miss Yellow girl blueroan 19:50 285 g
Manjuno's Girls'N'Pearls Amy - Miss Caramel girl blueroan 20:55 285 g
Manjuno's Glamour'N'Glow Violet - Miss Violet girl blueroan 22:10 300 g

Manjuno's Gin'N'Tonic

Manjuno's Guns'N'Roses

Manjuno's Guilty'N'Sweet

Manjuno's Glamour'N'Glow

Manjuno's Gentle'N'Naughty

Manjuno's Gleam'N'Glamour

Manjuno's Grace'N'Glory

Manjuno's Girls'N'Pearls

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Odos Masterpiece

PRA A, FN clear
Lynwater Spinning Top Coastline Happy Hour Int-CH
Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz
Coastline Gift Rose
Lynwater Holly Time Lynwater Rising Sun
Lynwater Christmas Lilly
Odos Glamorous Gift
Ravnele Cyrano Int-CH, CZ-CH
Backhills I Like It
Ravnele Bijou
Odos So What Int-CH, I-CH, Srb-CH
Sindy White Strazilovska
Manjuno's About A Girl

HD A, AN clear
PRA A, FN clear
Worlewood In It To Win It Lynwater Rising
Glow At Ryallcourt
Lynwater Seahaze
Lynwater Evening Glow
Worlewood Sunshine Worlewood Aint No
Castanea O'So Blue
Int-CH, Multi-CH
Make Me Smile
from Luna's Star
Mistily's Chatterbox
Mistily's Amber Gambler
Charbonnel Grace'N'Favour
Dan-L's Wise Portia GB-CH
Manchela Blue Lagoon
Dan-L's It's About Time

Pictures of Bruno: