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born on 26th january 2017, 2 boys (1 blueroan, 1 blueroan/tan), 4 girls (2 blueroan, 2 blueroan/tan)

This time I decided to mate with gorgeous Morris, who suits perfect to Famie from type. Morris has an incredible great character. Thanks to his owner and breeder Maja Horvat I was allowed to have Morris here at my home for 1,5 weeks. Everyone loved him from first sight, especially Famie.

Famie got her little ones very early. She went nervous on tuesday, didnt want to eat anymore and vomitted her food. As she was very calm whole wednesday, I thought about downpour. So I went to sleep next to Famie, as I thought it will be a calm night. One hour later I woke up because I heard a fiiiiiep.... and here she was... Famie's firstborn ... unwraped, cutted umbilical cord, completely dry and Famie too already cleaned whole whelping box. I made big eyes! Famie gave birth to this little one completely calm and alone with great instinct and very soveraign - but what else should I think about my gold treasure! Until 4:30 all other 5 puppies were born. Also Famie had a surprise for us ... we got tricolor puppies ... Famie is carrying the gene for tri's! As puppies came on earliest possible time, there were very small and clumsy, we had to show them how to drink on mum's far too big milkbar. But now they are already fat little treasures. Also our little care child, the small tri-boy is gaining good weight now!

Manjuno's Fifty Shades Of Grey Jo-Ann girl blueroan 23:30 270 g
Manjuno's Fabulous Story Muffin boy blueroan/tan 01:15 170 g
Manjuno's Famous Poem Izzy girl blueroan/tan 01:20 195 g
Manjuno's Fairy Tale Fairy girl blueroan/tan 02:20 200 g
Manjuno's Fuel for Life Phil boy blueroan 03:25 270 g
Manjuno's Fame for Life Mila girl blueroan 04:20 250 g

Manjuno's Fifty Shades Of Grey

Manjuno's Famous Poem

Manjuno's Fame for Life

Manjuno's Fairy Tale

Manjuno's Fuel for Life

Manjuno's Fabulous Story

Pictures from the puppies

First days | 1 week old | 2 weeks old

3 weeks old | 5 weeks old | 6 weeks old | 7 weeks old

8 weeks old | 10 weeks old| 12 weeks old

13 weeks old | 14 weeks old

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Pedigree of the puppies





Black Lord The Special One

PRA A, FN clear
Black Lord Born To Be Wild
Backhills I Like It CH Midnight Train vom Rauhen Holz
CH Backhills Doris Day
Black Lord's New Sensation CH Wonderful Love
Lady Debengerjak
Int-CH Black Lord She's Got The Look Lindridge Ticket To Ride CH Lindridge Star Turn
Lindridge Satin Doll
Black Lord Fast'N'Furious Int-CH Phil Maris Dandy Devon
Black Lord's Wilful
Manjuno's Beauty Fame

PRA B, FN clear
Int-CH Phil Maris Dandy Devon Phil Maris Gavroche Bitcom Match Point
Fils Merylin Maris
Phil Maris Driada Stocdale Dragon's Sonata
Uni Felitche
Int-CH, Multi-CH
Make Me Smile
from Luna's Star
Mistily's Chatterbox
Mistily's Amber Gambler
Charbonnel Grace'N'Favour
Dan-L's Wise Portia GB-CH
Manchela Blue Lagoon
Dan-L's It's About Time

Manjuno's F's 4 months old:


Pictures from Morris:

Two days before christmas I got my best christmas present I could wish. A dream is coming true, Famie is pregnant!