As my most important purpose as a breeder I look for breeding healthy Cocker Spaniels, who have this wonderful typical happy and always cheerful Cocker-temperament and character!
Breeding a race consists of three columns: health, character, appearance (body construction). In my opinion all three columns are equal important and non of this three columns should be neglect for or against one other column. This is the art of breeding a race.

I'm choosing my breeding-males very carefully and thoughtfully. I'm thinking for years, with which mating I could influence the population of the English Cocker Spaniel positive, with which mating all my needs are met best. The column of health I fulfill to the extent that at my matings always minimum one part is tested genetically free of prcd-PRA and FN. Thus, in the present state of science none of my puppies can get prcd-PRA (eyedisease, leads to blindness) or FN (fatal kidney disease). As well all our dogs are clinically tested for hips and hereditary eyediseases. Too I like to select older males for matings, who are fit and healthy in their age.
At column of character I sometimes have to rely on what other will tell me, as sometimes I don't have the opportunity to see the males before in real. If it is possible anyway, I always try to meet my selected males before personally to make my own picture of them. Yes and when all this conditions are fullfilled, than the male as well has to be beautiful, has to have a great body construction, has to be balanced and has to suit to my girl. You see, not really an easy job to find the right male. I don't attach importance to color of the male, as I think that all other mentioned aspects are lot more improtant.

As well with raising our puppies we take great importance to sozialice and feed them best.
Our puppies are growing up together with our dogs in our house. First three weeks little ones spend their time with their mother in the whelpingbox in our sleepingroom. With 3 weeks they come to the big outlet in our kitchen/livingroom. So from begin on they learn all noises and events of daily life and than they too have socialcontacts to our other cockers if mother allows it.
The little ones are allowed to drink at their mum's milkbar as long as they want as in my opinion there exists nothing better than natural milk from their mother. As first other food they are getting raw minced meat, which they love totally. Some days later they are getting first time goatmilk with cereals. Mainfood in the weeks until they will leave us is raw meat, cereals & goatmilk. Between they are too getting the dryfood "Wolfsblut" so that they learn what dryfood is. More about feeding our puppies you will find in "About the cocker - Feeding".
As soon as our puppies are vaccinated, we make little excursions, exploring meadows and fields or we make a tour through the dogshop Fressnapf. In any case, our puppies know collar and leash when they leave us with earliest 9-10 weeks and they learn to make excursions by car with their mother who shows them that going by car is something great.

Our puppies are multiple dewormed (from second week every 2 weeks), SHL-P vaccinated and chipped before they will leave us. The EU-petpass, the FCI/ÖKV-pedigree from the puppy, the healthcertificate as well as a self-made puppy-map with all personal data of parents, pictures, a selfmade puppybrochure with lots of tips and instructions for feeding, care and obedience the puppie as well as food for the first days, collar and leash, lot of toys and really lot of love we will give to the puppy for his further life. If you want it I can also make the first puppy-trimming for free (not entirely self-serving - I have sooo much pleasure in seeing the little ones again and see how they are developing).

We will be in good contact with our puppyowners, to share pleasure with them or be there when problems ore questions are. There are so many questions when a little puppy move in, there it is very important to have someone to ask. Of course we are happy, when our adult puppies will visit us and owners stay in contact with us over many years. From this wonderful friendships have been formed. Negotiable, we are also ready to have our puppies as guests for some time, when par example owners are planning an holiday where the dog cannot come with or when owner need a reha. Don't hesitate to ask us. Cocker from our breed are always welcome guests in our house!

From our conviction to work with each of our dogs individual, our number of dogs in our house is limited. Nevertheless to breed in generations with several lines and to make optimal breeding-decisions, we too search for suitable and trustful places, where we can place very promising puppies who are temporarely available for us for shows and breeding.

If you have questions to our dogs or interest in being an owner of a little "Manjuno's", please don't hesitate to contact us. If you are writing me an E-Mail, please don't forget to write something about you as well! Thank you!