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Coat care
The Cocker Spaniel needs lots of care with his long coat. The flat, silky coat should be combed and brushed daily, otherwise the coat get felted and dull quickly. The hair under the armpits are felting especially quick. A wire brush, par example from companie Oster, is suitable for the daily coat care of the Cockers. When felting I can recommend the slightly more expensive red Les Poochs, but she is worth every penny.

Get your Cocker used to brushing. It is later essential, to brush your Cocker several times a week. Also it's important to get your puppy used to stand on a table as it is essential for the later trimming, that your Cocker keep quiet on the trimmtable. With 7-8 months the puppycoat begins to detah. Now you can bruh your puppy with a comb where you can weave a rubber band in it. So you can put the loose, death hair from the coat.

The adult Cocker Spaniel should be trimmed 4 times a year, to reduce surplus hair from head, neck and ears. Best thing is to ask a breeder. If you want to trimm your Cocker Spaniel yourself, the trimming should be shown by a breeder to you. If you still think about going to a trimsalon with your Cocker, please make sure, that they don't shear off your Cocker - with shearing you destroy the coatstructur for years, until your Cocker get back reasonable coat. Some trimmsalons send you away, during they trimm the dog. If they ask this for you, search for another trimmsalon. So please stay when your Cocker will be trimmed.

Sometimes, when your dog was sulen in the dirt, the time comes for a bath. Please use no shampoo for human as the skin of dogs has another ph-value as this from humans. There are lots of different provider of dogshampoo's. Good for use are compi-preparations of shampoo and conditioner. I made really good experiences with products from the companie Laser Lites.

Other care tips
The ear lobes must be cleaned after every meal, as they are hanging into the bowl the most time. Remedy you can create with higher food bowl or snoods. Also you have to control the eyes and ears if there are debris or inflammatoins. When you walk with your Cocker Spaniel not much on cement, you should cut the claws regularly.

The following materials you need for trimming the Cocker Spaniel, if you want to learn it yourself:

fine metal comb
soft brush with metal bristles
p.e. Premium Slicker Brush from companie Oster
straight scissors,
maybe too a curved scissors for the paws
double thinning for reduce coat
(use maximum 1x per months!)
Finger cots
for trimming by hand