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The right feeding is an important part of the health and well-being of our Cockers. Especially the first year is foundation stone for the whole Cocker-live!

How often should a dog be fed per day?

until 3 months: 4 meals
4 until 7-9 months: 3 meals
after 8-10 months: 2 meals

The dog is a carnivore and should be fed accordingly. Personally, I prefer to feed fresh, raw meat with carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. Who still likes more to feed dryfood, should have a look for a high part of meat in the dryfood. At any rate, the meat must be listed on first place at the declaration of the ingredients, as the ingredients are listed according to their proportion in dryfood.

With the following dryfood-brands I have made good experiences:
Platinum, Wolfsblut, Orijen
(to this dryfood too my puppies get used to, they get it one time a day from 7 weeks on)

My proposal for feeding your puppy:

1. meal:
Cottage Cheese (without salt) with breakfast cereal (potato-flakes, rice-flakes, oatmeals), 1/4 rubbed apple or 1/3 mashed banana, 1 teaspoon honey, 2,5 g Vitamin Optimix Barf Plus (from Futtermedicus)

2. meal:
3/4 muscle meat, 1/4 flakes + carotts, 1/2 teaspoon high-quality oil or beef fat, 5 g Dicalciumphosphat (from Futtermedicus)

3. meal:
dryfood (one of the listed above, first swelled up with hot water, later dry - but always water in the near)

4. meal:
3/4 muscle meat, 1/4 flakes + carotts, 1/2 teaspoon high-quality oil, 2 g Fortainpowder (from Futtermedius), 1/2 teaspoon seaweed

Important is, that both, puppies and adult dogs never get their meal cold from the fridge, make it always halfwarm.

This feeding our puppies are used for when they leave us. If you think about a change of food, than please change it slowly and careful. Otherwise your puppy will react with diarrhea.

It could happen, that your puppy has a bit sensitive stamach. Than it is better not to feed fresh food and dry food together, also not one in the morning the other in the evening. You should than decide for one kind of feeding.

My feeding for adult Cockers:

2x per day each of our girls get 100 g meat, 60 g carbohydrates, 30 g vegetables/fruits, 1 teaspoon oil, additives

Kind of meat:
from the cow: muscle meat, fillet meat, rumen, omasum, liver, heart, udder
other animals: cony, rabbits, venison, chicken, turkey, salmon, fish
I order the meat at or bei .

potatoes / pasta / rice (long boiled) or potatoe-, rice-, quiona-, amaranth-flakes or oatmeals

All what I get in the Biobox - pureed or braised - otherwise the stomach of the dog cannot get the vitamins minerals out of it! Lettuce, carotts, beet, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin, fennel, paprika, cabbage, ... .
Never onion and avocado - they are toxic for dogs!!!

mostly rubbed apple and banana, but also pears, berries, apricot, kiwis, melons, peaches.
You shouldn't feed fruits too often, as your dog will gain weight as fruits include lots of fruitsugar.

When you sometimes have not much time, you also can use carbohydrates and vegetables in form of flakes. Therefore I buy the flakes from the companie Important there is to soak the flakes minimum 10 minutes in handwarm water.

Others per week:
2 x boiled egg or raw yolk (never feed raw egg white) oder roher Eidotter, 2 x 1 soupspoon cottage cheese (deduct amount from meat), 1 x 1,5 teaspoon cod liver oil, 2x 1 soupspoon wheat germ, 1x 1 soupspoon sesame seeds, 1x 1 soupspoon nuts

safflower oil, Evening primrose oil, fish oil, omega 3-6-9-oil (change not too often and don't give all together)
use oil very saving. Maximum 1 teaspoon is enough. If you want that your dog gain weight, it is better to use additional animal fat.

Additives per day:
2 g Eggshell flour/bone-meal, 1 cup (0,7 g) Vitamin Optimix Barf, 1/2 cup (2 g) rose hips, 1/2 cup (0,75 g) seaweed, 1 cup (2,5 ml) Keeper's Mix, 2 x per week 30 mg zinc. The additives I order from companie Lunderland, from Futtermedicus and from Dorwest Herbes.

My feeding plan was checked by veterinarians from Futtermedicus and perceived as well-balanced with all necessary vitamins and minerals. If you have questions about my feeding plan, don't hesitate to contact me.