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The Cocker Spaniel is a happy, lovely and affectionated companion with full of temperament. He is very playful and he loves long walks. A Cocker Spaniel is only than happy, when he can lives in the middle of his family. He is the ideal familydog, but he is too used as a hunting dog. As Cocker Spaniels loves to eat, they need regularly and extensive employment opportunities (walks, search-games, agility, retrieve-games, and so on) to stay fit.
Attention must be paid to a balance of food and movement. The Cocker Spaniel needs a consistent, lovely education without hardship.

Walter and Christl Poduschka (breeder of particolour Cocker Spaniels) wrote in their book "So developed a puppy" a most lovely - and in my experience really true - description of the particolour Cocker Spaniel:

" ... However if you take into account, that the dog is a whirlwind all his life, is sitting quiet only grudgingly, is jumping on visitors with stormy pleasure through the neck, which he closed into his heart and remove the face wash in the morning with his moist tongue, further will someone risk, to be invited for ballgames nearly day and night - yes, than take the hard, but wonderful lot of being owner of a particolor Cocker Spaniel!"