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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
We wish all our Manjuno's and their owners a wonderful christmas and all the best for the upcoming year!


We made a little christmasshooting with the dogs under the christmas tree.

More pictures you can find here "Photoshooting"


Welpen, Welpen , Welpen :-)
Leider habe ich es noch immer nicht geschafft, die Homepage weiter upzudaten. Zu viel los im Hause Manjuno's :-)

Daher vorerst eine kurze Zusammenfassung. Die Manjuno's Q's sind bereits 6 Monate alt und bis auf Queenie sind bereits alle Geschwister ausgezogen - Anfang November habe ich Schwester Lizzy persönlich nach Amerika zu einer ganz lieben Züchterin gebracht.

Auch unsere Manjuno's R's sind nun - bis auf Milow (Manjuno's Rumour Has It - schwarz) - alle zu ihren neuen Familien gezogen. Milow ist ein etwas ruhigerer sehr lieber Bub, der gerne kuschelt. Eventuell suche ich eine liebe Familie für ihn.

Unsere Manjuno's S's sind bereits in ihre neue Familie gezogen - zwei absolut entzückende black/tan Mädchen, mit denen wir sehr viel Freude hatten.

Und zu guter Letzt: Anfang Dezember wurden Emilia und Darky Eltern der Manjuno's T's. Ein Wurf, den ich eigentlich für's Frührjahr 2023 geplant hätte, aber Emilia hat mit ihrer Läufigkeit meine Pläne umgeworfen :-) Somit wird es 2023 keinen Manjuno-Wurf geben.



Daily Life with my ukraine guests
It's nice to see, how unproblematic our guests include in our pack. My Cockers completely accept them and the three Cocker puppies from our P-Litter Valentina, Philippa and Polly are very excited about our guests. I myself find it very exciting to meet other breeds. Corgis are very happy dogs and the Chow chow girl Krosha fascinates me a lot. Hiere are some impressions from our daily life now.

More pictures you can find here "friends"




Welsh Corgi Pembrokes
Bubbles and her kids and our other ukraine dogs settled well. The little Corgis are super cute and Bubbles gave me her full trust, it seems she is very thanksful, that her little family can grow up here in peace.

More pictures from the corgi puppies you can find here: "Corgi Litter"


Welcome in Manjuno's pack
Horrible thins are happening in the world now! As I have the space and the possibilities, I offerend my help to a breeder in Odessa when war started. Now it was the case, that Masha needed help with some dogs, to bring them on a safe place. We now give home to some ukraine dogs for a while.

Welcome Corgi Bubbles with her six 4,5 week old puppies, Chow Chow Krosha and Cocker Sonya and Plusha! For the Corgi puppies, Krosha and Sonya I shell find a forever home, Bubbles and Plusha shell go back to their owner in Ukraine as soon as its possible. Im mega proud of my Cocker pack, who included our guests without problems!


Manjuno's Obvious Choice
Now its time for Benico to move to his new home. He will have a long journey to Portugal to Mario and Sonia Marques, Kennel Haradwater. I wish him lots of fun in his new pack and Mario and Sonia that their dreams come true!


Manjuno's Keep It Magic
Maggie - mum of our P's! Maggie is just a dream! Such a lovely girl! Im so thanksful to Andrea, who keeps Maggie in top condition and that she was allowed to have a litter, to bring me my 4th generation of Manjuno's!



Manjuno's Old English Style
Im so much in love with Antonio! He is such a lovely boy and he is so similar to his daddy Jonny in this age. Such a pity, that I cannot keep him.


Manjuno's P's
The time flies, and our P's are already nearly 8 weeks old. They developed so great. They grew up at the place where mummy Maggie's owner Andrea lives, Andrea did a great job with them! Now 3 of the girls will move to me and stay here for a while - and one of the girls will stay here forever!


Our O-boys
After our girls from our O-litter already moved out, we still have pleasure with our boy-trio Emilio, Benico & Antonio. Today first one of them moves to his new home! All the best Emilio and lots of fun with your new mummy! Also Antonio will move soon - Im especially happy, that he can move to his halfbrother Merlin from our M-litter!