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Merry Christmas
We wish all our friends and Manjuno's a thoughtful christmas eve!


When you take a dog to you, you know that you will not have him forever, that he will have to go one time. But this moment, you dont want to realize it, you dont want to think about it and you want to repress it far away and than, suddenly, it hit you like a slap in the face and one is helpless, one freezes, one cannot bear the pain.

Suddenly and unexpected I had to go with Julie on her last way - a bursted liver tumor - we were helpless, I could only let her be released from her pain, was already breathlessing her life. It was horrible - it is horrible without Julie. I miss her so much. She was my first dog, my first Cocker, my clown, my so special girl.

Rest in Peace, Julie!


Pettrail Basic1-exam Emilia
Covid19 made it nearly impossible, because our exam would have been in lockdown, but our trainers made things possible and organised everything so that exam could be on monday before start of lockdown. I was a bit nervous, I would have want this two more trainings in that week to get myself more savety, but I had not a lot of time to think, as the exam was than in two days and one thing was or is clear, Emilia is very sovereign in working and it was than like that. Emila passed the exam with success, she was searching determined and on track and found immediately. Its such a pleasure to watch her, when she works with her bustling movement having so much fun with it. Im super proud of my girl!



Judge for English Cocker Spaniels
A dream is coming true! After 2,5 years of education and several pretests, I passed successfully the final practical exam for English Cocker Spaniels end of september on the international show in Tulln. Now the official publication was made in the magazin of the ÖKV. So I can call myself now a national judge for English Cocker Spaniels. I'm so happy and proud for reaching this goal and I will be more than happy to judge my so much loved breed in the future.

This photoshooting I made together with Prodog Photography (Mak Dodan) in september. It shows my passion for this breed quite good.

More pictures from the shooting you can find here "Photoshooting"


Autumnshooting with the oldest ones
I love the autumn with his colors. This time I took Julie (12,5 years old), Joy (11 years old), Juno (8 years old) and Famie (6,5 years old) to the school, where I teach, as there is such a beautiful autumn backdrop.

More pictures from the shooting you can find here "Photoshooting"


Manjuno's L&M's
Unbelievable, how time flies! In a week first puppy will move into his new home. The L's are already 9 weeks old and the M's are 7,5 weeks old. All 9 puppies developed great, I have a big pleasure with this two beautiful litters.

on the pictgures from left to right:
Manjuno's Legend of Fame, Manjuno's Licence of Fame (Lilly - she moves to Swiss), Manjuno's Moscow Night, Manjuno's Morning Breeze (Flora - she stays in Austria), Manjuno's Mystic Charm (Juno - he moves to Poland), Manjuno's Magic Sunset (she will later move to france), Manjuno's Midnight Shadow (Shadow), Manjuno's Luxury of Fame (Zoey - she stays in Austria and will be available for us for show & breeding), Manjuno's Literary of Fame (Cooper - he stays in Austria).


Spanielrace of our regional club
Until day before I didnt know if its possible to take part on it, but at the end I could find someone who looks for my puppies. So we went will all our Cockers and spent a super lovely day in best weather, were our Manjuno's were quite successful. I have to mention, that most important on such event is to have fun and we indeed had it. Here are the detailed results:

Manjuno's Knight of Fame / Dandy - 1st place in juniorclass males
Manjuno's Keep it Magic / Maggie - 1st place in juniorclass females
Alen Ashen Jonny Lee / Jonny - 3rd place in openclass males
Manjuno's Fifty Shades of Grey / Jo-Ann - 1st place in openclass females
Manjuno's Famous Poem / Izzy - 2nd place in openclass females
Manjuno's Imprint of Thoughts / Emilia - 3rd place in openclass females
Manjuno's Dark Temptation / Darky - 1st place in masterclass males
Manjuno's Bittersweet / Sweetie - 3rd place in masterclass males
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star / Joy - 1st place in veteranclass females
Julie - 2nd place in veteranclass females

More pictures from the spanielrace you can find here: "Fun with friends"







Clubwinnershow Schloss Zeillern
In the last moment I decided that I myself will drive to the show and Andrea - owner of Maggie - will stay with my puppies, as they did well. So I started the journey together with Kolya, Jonny, Emilia and Izzy totally tired. But the way was very worth it, we came back with wonderful result. Jonny won BEST IN SHOW! Im more than happy, now he has beside his clubwinnertitles in Czech Republic and Slovakia too a Clubwinner in Austria. A great boy who brings us lot of pleasure. Emila won intermedia class with CAC and Izzy got resCAC out of 5 bitches. In finals Jonny and Maggie too won Best Couple. It was a great day with very wet weather.

As weather forcast was like this, we already made the day before pictures of our Cockers.

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"




Welcome in life - Part 2
Today our M-Litter too arrived! Juno gave birth to 5 very strong blueroan puppies - 2 girls and 3 boys - in just 3 hours with an easy birth. Now an exciting time is in front of us, first time two litters in same time and school starts. But I have super friends and family, who will help me in next weeks so that we will have a great time with the little ones in front of us!

All puppies are reserved!


Welcome in life
Today our l-litter was born - two blueroan boys and two blueroan/tan girls!

All puppies are reserved! We too have lots of reservations for Juno's litter which will arrive in two weeks, so that I will not take new reservations anymore. If you although want a little Manjuno puppy, please be patient, Im planning a litter with Izzy and one with Jo-Ann in the winter.




Clubshow Suchohrad SK
Long time I didnt know if I enter at all, but finally I decided to go with a really big group of cockers. This time I had no help as Kolya couldnt come, so I had to manage all by myself. It was a bit stressy, but it worked and we spent a super lovely day in Slovakia with best weather and great people. Darky got Exc3, Jonny Exc1 and Best Honor, Maggie won juniorclass with Exc1 JCAC and is now Slowakian Juniorchampion, Emilia got Exc2 resCAC, Izzy too. Jo-Ann wo championclass with CAC and is now Slovakian Champion. And we rocked in the finals. We got Best Couple with Jonny & Maggie and Best Breeding Group with Darky, Maggie, Emilia, Izzy and Jo-Ann.

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"



We get puppies!
I'm very happy, both girls - Famie & Juno - are pregnant, confirmed by ultrasound!

We expect Famie's litter around 23th august and Juno's litter around 6th september!


Manjuno's Knight of Fame
A beautiful boy, Im happy how Dandy develops! He is a year old now.
His parents are Jonny (Alen Ashen Jonny Lee) and Izzy (Manjuno's Famous Poem).



Darky's Puppies in Kennel vom Magiccircle
In spring darky mated the lightliverroan bitch Quiana vom Magiccircle and on june 9th she finally gave birth to 3 boys and 3 girls in blueroan.

Today I could visit the little ones. They developed great and are super cute.

Pictures from the puppies you can find here "Darky's Puppies"


First show after long break
Because of Corona there were long time no shows, the more I was looking forward to this first show in Slovakia outdoor, very well organised with lots of space and of course masks. As I was invited to a wedding of a friend on saturday, we attended the shows on friday and sunday. On friday Maggie got Junior-BOB, we were very happy about it as it was her first show in juniorclass without any training and it was a bit chaotic, but Maggie scored with her excellent type. Emilia got Exc3 and Jo-Ann Exc2 resCAC. On sunday we had more successs, Maggie again got Junior-BOB and totally unexpected BOS, Emila and Jo-Ann won their classes with CAC and Jo-Ann got the CACIB. We are quite happy about our lovely wins.


8th Manjuno's Meeting
Despite of Corona I decided to make a meeting this year, in form of a walking in Wildpark Ernstbrunn and Im quite happy that it worked and we could spend a wonderful day together.

We walked in the shadows of the park with very hot weather, made a picknick where we talked a lot and the final of the day was for our cockers the chance to swam in a little lake to cool down.

Here were Susi and Paul with Healy (Manjuno's Autumn Bless) and Charlie (Manjuno's English Style), Julia with Elliot (Manjuno's Exclusive Design), Katja and Gregor with Passion (Manjuno's Deep Passion), Bianca and Herwig with Dandy (Manjuno's Dandy Delight) and Tatjana with Sweetie (Manjuno's Bittersweet) and of course my Cocker gang :-)
Thank you all for this wonderful day!

More pictures from the meeting you can find here "Puppy reunion"


Famie und ihre Töchter Izzy & Jo-Ann


In january I started to trail with my boys Jonny and Darky, at 1st Austrian Pettrailorganisation and we quickly found out, that we totally love this kind of work. Boys so much wanted to work at each training and its a fantastic kind of activity for the brain.
First we started to training with trail for a missed/hidden person, but quickly we continued to trail for missed/hidden animal (dog). Boys are doing great, so I decided to make the first Basis-1-exam with them and they got this exam with success. As boys so much like this kind of work, I decided to start with Emilia too and Im fascinated, she is such a clever girl, she immediately knew what to do and she is working very good and quick.

Jonny's and Darky's exam


Alen Ashen Jonny Lee - Jonny trailing

Manjuno's Dark Temptation - Darky trailing

Manjuno's Imprint of Thoughts - Emilia trailing


Darky's Puppies in Kennel Forever Together in Poland
In winter Darky mated the orangeroan bitch Foxy Lady Coolgang and on march 15th she gave birth to 3 girls and 4 boys in the colors blueroan, blueroan/tan and orangeroan.

A really lovely litter! Im very proud of Darky!

Pictures from the puppies you can find here "Darky's Puppies"

Mai 2020

Manjuno's K's
Slowely girls are little ladies! They are 9 months old already!

Manjuno's Keep It Magic - MAGGIE

Manjuno's Kind O'Sweet - LILY

Manjuno's Know To Sparkle - AMY


Manjuno's Incredible Soul - Mia
Mia's owner Michaela Paleckova in CZ sent me this beautiful pictures from Mia!
Im so happy, she is such a beautiful girl!

This pics in big you can find here "Photoshooting"


International Champion
Today Darky's certificate arrived!
Manjuno's Dark Temptation, my boy Darky is now officially International Showchampion!
I'm so happy and very proud of my boy!


Emilia & Dandy
Manjuno's Imprint of Thoughts (Emilia) and Manjuno's Knight of Fame (Dandy) are enjoying the walkings together and having lots of fun!

More pictures from our walking you can find here "Walkings"



First week of this special time is over, where I teach from at home. For the dogs it's a great time, as I can manage my time much better and we can go for a lot beautiful walks on this warm sonny days.

More pictures from our walks you can find here "Walkings"



Jonny & Dandy
father and son - unmistakeably <3



Today we got filmed whilst working out our pettrails for analysing it afterwards. Darky and Jonny are making big steps forward, this were really hard trails, and both did them very well.


Mega-Weekend in Timisoara / Rumänien
A very crazy weekend is behind me. Friday morning I started the trip to Timisoara, Romania with Jonny, Darky, Emilia and Jo-Ann who got her season some days before to compete on CAC-Show on friday afternoon, Cacib-Show on saturday morning, Champion of Champions saturday afternoon and another Cacib-Show on sunday morning. Driving went well with just some small traffic jams around Budapest, as suddenly my car made a clamor in one of the traffic jams and I could just roll it to the area of street reconstruction. The sound was terrible. So I called austrian automobilclub, they organised that from hungarian automobilclub someone came to tow me to the next mechanic. Whilst I had the feeling to wait a felt endless time I tried to organise a rented car with the austrian mobilclub, as I had the feeling that my car isnt to use anymore. It was not easy as noone wanted to give me a car for a drive to Romania. With help of hungarian automobilclub they finally found someone who was really nice and brought me the biggest car he has to the mechanic, where I immediately put all my stuff in it and drove like hell to Romania. And I really made it, 5 minutes after I arrived, I had to stand in the ring. Huch, done. Some probably will think, Im crazy, why I didnt turn back home, but this journey with this 4 shows was quite expensive, and when I want something, than I always find a solution. I spent a lovely weekend finally in Timisoara and we had big success, during mechanic found out that the timing belt in my car is broken and the cylinder heads had problem too, so that they transfered my car to a specialist in Budapest, where repair took 1,5 weeks. I could organise that I could keep the rented car this 1,5 weeks, drive home with it and bring it back than. Thanks to austrian automobilclub I had to pay just 80 Euro for this, next to the costs for repairing my car.

So, now to our results:
Jonny won his class with CAC on first day, got CACIB, Best of Breed and Best of Group 2 on second day, won Champion of Champions with BOB and is now Romanian Champion. Darky too got CAC on first day, resCACIB on second day and finally on last day CACIB and Best of Breed. He is now Rumanian Champion Cum Laudae and he finally has fullfilled all conditions for International Champion. Emilia got Junior-CAC on first and last day and is now Romanian Juniurchampion. Jo-Ann got CAC on all 3 days, CACIB on both international show days and too BOS on all 3 days. She too is now Romanian Champion.

More pictures from the weekend you can find here "Shows"



Lily moves to Sweden
Today it was time to say goodbye to Lily for her big journey to Sweden. Her new owners spent two lovely days here with us and today I took Lily to the airport on her way with them.
I wish Madelene all the best with Lily and that all her dreams and big plans will come true.