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Looking back...
This year 2019 was hard, but wonderful one. The biggest enrichment for sure was finishing my house and move there, it was hard work, but its so wonderful to live here.

This year I did not show a lot, it was a year with raising wonderful litters, were I reached some important goals in my breeding. Nevertheless we were successful on those few shows we attended. Jonny (Alen Ashen Jonny Lee) won Clubwinnertitle & BOB on Cockerclubshow in Bac/Sk. Another highlights next to some BOS were his classwin on EDS in Wels/A, his classwin on Vienna Spaniel Show and his classwin on Adventshow in CZ . He finished his Slovakian Championtitle at the end of the year. Darky (Manjuno's Dark Temptation) won Clubwinnertitle & BOB on Spanielclubshow in Graz/A, where he too got Best Spaniel bred in Austria and where he finished Austrian Champion & Clubchampion. Another lovely win was his 3rd place in huge championclass on EDS in Wels/A! Im very proud of my boys, as they reached their results almost under breed specialists from UK.

Soon new decade starts. Looking back at this last 10 years, I must say, they changed my life completely. Big decisions were made in this 10 years, two houses were built (and I really hope this one is last one :P) and life learned me a lot in this last decade. 10 years ago Joy, my foundation bitch, came to me. Exactly 60 Manjuno's were born in this 10 years. Many, many friendships were made and Im incredible thanksful for each of them.

A big hug to each one who walk the path with me, either in my private life - my friends, as well as in family and in Cockers! I wish you all just the best for this new decade, most of all health and the right point of view for the joy of life!


Pettrail with Julie
Last day of the year is a special one! My nearly 12 year old Julie got a job she loved always! Lupo was missed since two days close to my village and we early in the morning started trying to trail him. Julie did great, we made 6,7 km. Close to midday we succesfully could find him!


Manjuno's Just My Imagination / Joleen



Christmas Walk...
with the Youngsters Dandy, Joleen, Emilia and Lily


Merry Christmas to everyone!


Two generations!
on the first pic - the 3rd generation of Manjuno's:
Manjuno's Knight of Fame / Dandy & Manjuno's Kind O'Sweet / Lily
on the other pics - the 2nd generation of Manjuno's
Manjuno's Dark Tempation / Darky & Manjuno's Fifty Shades of Grey / Jo-Ann




Goodbye Maggie
Manjuno's Keep It Magic ... Maggie ... I loved this puppy from beginning, she always was the special one for me in this litter and it turned out that she is super lovely puppy with a wunderful happy temperament. The harder it is now to let her go, I already miss this funny girl!

She for sure will keep the life of her new mummy magic and Im so happy that her new mummy and I have some great plans with her in future... but first of all little Maggie has to grow a bit, and being just a naughty puppy is on the daily program now :-)

Goodbye Maggie, already looking forward to see you again!




The Youngsters, who are still here from my last litters, have a lot of fun together!


Adventshow Cockerclub CZ
Mykola and I spent lovely day today on Adventshow from Cockerclub CZ in Brno with 107 ECS entered, we were showing crazy amount of 8 cockers :D and all of them did great. Big thank you to our judge Nicki Craig (kennel Nicibec UK)! Here are full results:

Manjuno's Knight of Fame *Dandy* Very promising 1/ 2
Manjuno's Keep It Magic *Maggie* Very promising 1/5
Manjuno's Kind O'Sweet *Lily* Very promising 2/5 behind Maggie, all 3 in babyclass
Manjuno's Just My Imagination *Joleen* Very promising 1 in puppyclass
Alen Ashen Jonny Lee *Jonny* Exc1 CAC out of 2 in openclass
Manjuno's Imprint Of Thoughts *Emilia* Exc2 in Juniors out of 8
Manjuno's Incredible Soul *Mia* Exc4 in Juniors out of 8
Manjuno's Fifty Shades Of Grey *Jo-Ann* Exc1 CAC out of 3 in openclass
3rd Best Couple with Jonny & Emilia
2nd Best Breeding Group with Emilia, Mia & Jo-Ann

Thank you Michaela Paleckova for allowing me to show your Mia <3
Thank you Petr Studenik & team for another great and perfectly organised Adventshow!

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"



Cacib Nitra
Today I went to Cacib Nitra with Jonny and Emilia, where Jonny (Alen Ashen Jonny Lee) won his class with CAC and finally got his Slowakian Champion title. Emilia (Manjuno's Imprint of Thoughts) got Exc2 in Juniorclass.


Daily life
Some pictures from at home on the couch with Maggie, Juno, Famie and Jo-Ann.

More pictures from the little photoshooting with Jo-Ann you can find here "Photoshootings"



Manjuno's Incredible Soul
Mia is a dream in tan!




Goodbye sweethearts!
Last week it was time to let Manjuno's Know To Sparkle - Maja (now Amy) and Manjuno's Kiss Me Quick - Kimi move into their new homes! Both got super lovely now mummys and I'm sure, this two cuties will bring them a lot of joy!



November walk
We are enjoying the last sunny november days with lovely walks!


Healy & Charly
Manjuno's Autumn Bless (Healy) and Manjuno's English Style (Charly) were here for a visit and got a grooming from me.


Manjuno's Just My Imagination (Joleen) - our singleton puppy - got a little grooming today. This girl has so much temperament and she has so much fun with everything. Joleen is 5 months old now and she still is looking for her perfect forever home!



Outbreak artists
Completely like dad ... especially Dandy, Jonny's son, is experiencing a lot to climb over the fence, and finally he made it :-)


first walkings with our K-litter
We still have to work a bit on the handling with leashes :D but its getting better and better... and they really enjoy the playing on the meadow afterwards!


Manjuno's Welpen
Eeendlich habe ich es geschafft, die Welpenseite zu aktualisieren!
Hier sind alle Fotos der bereits 15 Wochen alten Welpen unseres K-Wurfes zu finden:

"aktuelle Würfe"

Die süße Maya sucht noch eine liebe Familie!