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Review 2017
My two boys, my girls and I had an amazing and mega successful year!
Darky got his breeding licence and Juno and Famie gave me two wonderful litters!

The following year will be more calm, Im not planning a litter and I will more work on our new house so that we can move into at the end of 2018!

In summary I want to mention "some" Showhighlights from 2017:

NDS Bratislava: Junior-BOB & BOB, Clubshow Graz: Juniorwinner & Best Spaniel of Austrian breed, IDS Maribor: Juniorwinner & BOS, Clubshow Bac/Sk: Juniorwinner & BOB, IDS Wels1: CACIB, BOB & BOG2, IDS Wels2: CACIB
Cocker of the Year 3rd place in our Club (behind a Working- and a Veteranbitch; unfortunately I didnt show Darky on 5 shows in Austria this year and our club is just summary all points). But it loooooks like that Darky could get the ÖKV-Cupwinner ;-) there it also counts how many "concurrence" you have beaten (results ÖKV is publishing end of january)
Darky too got Slovakian and Austrian Juniorchampion and Austrian Clubjuniorchampion this year!

Clubshow Malacky/Sk: Best puppy male, Clubshow Zeillern/A: Puppy-BIS, IDS Wels1: Juniorwinner, IDS Wels 2: Juniorwinner, BOB & BOG5

Clubshow Zeillern/A: Clubwinner, Clubshow Malacky/Sk: Best Honor female, Clubshow Brno/Cz: Best Honor in Show
Famie too got Austrian Champion and Austrian Clubchampion this year!

Clubshow Zeillern/A: BOB, Veteran-BIS & BIS, IDS Tulln1&2: Veteranwinner, Clubshow Brno/Cz: Best Veteran female
Joy too got Austrian Veteranchampion and Austrian Clubveteranchampion this year!

Clubshow Stapar/Srb: Puppy-BIS, WDS Leipzig: shortlisted under top 8 of 23 with just 9 months, IDS Wels1: Juniorwinner

IDS Wels2: Juniorwinner

Im mega proud of my Cockers!!!



We wish a wonderful christmas and a silent time to all our Manjuno's-Owners and a good start into the new year!


Home - sweet home
Building my new house goes on, everything went by plan - roof is on, windows are in - winter can come :-)



Advent-Clubshow Brno CZ
As each year we finish your showyear with the Adventshow in Brno in wonderful christmaslike ambiance!
It's always nice (and also hard work) to show a big group of my breeding on a clubshow!
Manjuno's Dark Temptation - Darky - won strong open class mit CAC of 4 and went into 4 best males, Alen Ashen Jonny Lee - Jonny - got Exc3 in juniorclass of 4, Manjuno's Famous Poem - Izzy - got Exc2 and Manjuno's Fifty Shades Of Grey - Jo-Ann - Exc3 of 5 in juniorclass, Make Me Smile from Luna's Star - Joy - won veteranclass and got Best Veteran female, Manjuno's Beauty Fame - Famie - won Best Honor in Show. Darky und Famie got 2nd place in Best Couple, and Darky, Famie, Izzy und Jo-Ann got 3rd place in Best Breedinggroup.
We are happy about lovely judgereports and finish this year with an amazing picture of my gang!

Many pictures from the show you will find here "Shows"


Cacib Wels
This weekend we visited Double-Cacib in Wels, where I again had to work on both days, I had to write at franz. Bulldogge, Mastiffs, Schnauzer and Co.
As English Cockers were judged on both days by breed specialists, I decided to take Kolya with us so that he can show my dogs. And as often ... if you are going without any expectations in hope just for a CAC for Darky, you get everything and much more! It was a more than amazing weekend!

On saturday I entered Manjuno's Famous Poem - Izzy - and Alen Ashen Jonny Lee - Jonny - in juniorclass and both got Juniorwinner. Manjuno's Dark Temptation - Darky - was entered first time in openclass with just 1,5 years, he won his class (out of 3) with CAC, won CACIB, BEST MALE (against Jonny, who decided in final competition to play the clown, lie on his back and wants to play hihi) and finally BEST OF BREED!!! In mainring Darky won BEST OF GROUP 2, too judged by a breed specialist!

On sunday I entered Manjuno's Fifty Shades Of Grey - Jo-Ann - and Jonny in juniorclass and both again got Juniorwinner. Darky won again openclass with CAC and again won CACIB! This time Jonny behaved and won BEST MALE and finally BEST OF BREED with just 9 months of age!! And not enough, in mainring Jonny won BEST OF GROUP 5 and was shortlisted for JUNIOR-BIS!

I cannot tell how much proud I am of my youngsters!!!

Some pictures of the show you will find here "Shows"


Im very proud of my boy! Manjuno's Dark Temptation - Darky - passed BH-Obedience-Test at ÖGV Poysdorf today and he was just perfect!
We had not a lot time for training, but Darky is learning very quick and he has a lot of will to please! I have a big pleasure with this boy!


Worlddogshow Leipzig D
We are back from a crazy journey :-) First a dear ran into my car some days before the show so that I had to search for a rented car for our journey, than when picking up that rented car on day of journey we closed the key of that car with whome we drove to the rented car into the car and needed more than 2 hours in rain to find someone who could open the car with all our stuff and dogs into, and at the end my creditcard didnt work. But ... despite all adversities we finally arrived in Leipzig at midnight! :-)
Worlddogshow was top organised and it was just great to be there. Manjuno's Dark Temptation - Darky and Manjuno's Famous Poem - Izzy - showed themselves very well and Izzy went under top 8 of 23 juniors with just 9 months of age!!! Jonny went with us as a mascot and for having fun :-)


Spanielrace in Knittelfeld
We spent a funny day at the spanielrace in Knittelfeld together with many Manjuno's-Owners. In summary 12 Manjuno's competed in different classes and 3 of them won their classes: Jonny in babyclass, Tatjana's Sweetie in openclass and our oldie Julie in veteranclass! To have fun is most important fr this day and as weather was fine, dogs could play together after the race and we could chat a bit :-)

More pictures from the spanielrace you can find here "Meeting Friends"


Manjuno's Meeting 2017
It was a rainy, but wonderful day together with 22 adult Cockers, 6 puppies and 30 humans! Dogs and owners had plenty of fun. Before midday we chatted a lot and made pictures, on midday we made barbeceau and on afternoon we played a funny game with the dogs :-) Thank you all, that you were here!

More pictures from the meeting you can find here "Manjuno's Meeting 2017"


Manjuno's Dark Temptation - Darky - won both days his class with CAC and Make Me Smile from Luna's Star - Joy - won both days veteranclass with Veteranwinner.
So Joy is fulfilling now all conditions for Austrian Veteranchampion and Austrian Clubveteranchampion!


Jubilee-Clubwinnershow Schloss Zeillern A
Star of the day was my new veteran-girlie ... my Joy, she had her 8th birthday on saturday and was shown first time in veteranclass today on Jubilee-Clubwinnershow from Austrian Jagdspanielclub of all Spanielbreeds with the czech breedspecialist Milos Kaspar as judge. It was a cold and rainy day, show was outdoor, but Milos gladly let us run so much so that we stayed warm ;-)
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star - my Joy - won Veteranclass with Exc1, got Veteranwinner and finally BEST OF BREED! And not enough, in final competitions she won Best Spaniel of Clubmember, than Veteran-Best in Show and finally BEST IN SHOW!!! Im so much on cloud nine!
But also Joy's daughter Manjuno's Beauty Fame - Famie - rocked the ring, she won championclass with Exc1 CAC and got CLUBWINNER! Joy's grandson Manjuno's Dark Temptation - Darky - got Exc1 CAC in intermediaclass and Joy's granddaughter Manjuno's Famous Poem - Izzy - got Very promising 1. Our russian boy Jonny rocked the ring as well and won Very promising 1 and finally PUPPY-BEST IN SHOW!
Im very much proud to have such big success with my boys and girls on a Jubilee-Clubshow in Austria!

Many pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


Clubshow Malacky SK
A real hot day is over that we spent on Clubshow in Malacky today and we drove home with nice results! Alen Ashen Jonny Lee - Jonny - got Very promising 1 and Best Puppy male, Manjuno's Dark Temptation - Darky - won intermediaclass with CAC, Manjuno's Famous Poem - Izzy - too got very promising 1 and Manjuno's Beauty Fame - Famie - got Excellent and finally Best Honor! Im especially happy about winning Best Breeding group with Darky, Famie and Izzy and Beste Couple with Darky and Famie!

Many pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


Welcome Manjuno's G's!
Our little ones arrived! It was a quick, unproblematic birth, Juno did great! She wanted to give birth on her most favorite place in the garden - the agilitytunnel - but we managed to come to the whelpingbox in time :-)
So we are happy with our 8 puppies - 2 boys and 6 girls, all blueroan. All of them have super birthweights and develope great!

More about our G-litter you can find here "G-Litter"


Our Youngsters showed with just 5 months excellent skills for working! All three - Izzy, Jo-Ann and Jonny - are retrieving the normal Dummy as well as the rabbitdummy. I am particularly enthusiastic about Jonny. I drove with him together with Darky to a lake - for Jonny first experience with water - and it took just 2 minutes and Jonny was swimming and retrieving everything out of the water what I throw in. This little one is a real nature talent.

Pictures from dummytraining you can find here "Obedience"
Pictures from watertraining you can find here "Summer"




My girls...
My two Famie-daughters Izzy and Jo-Ann are developing great and we have new pictures from them on their site!
And we made this wonderful grouppicture of Famie, Jonny, Izzy, Jo-Ann and Darky, this sweethearts are my whole pride!



When dreams come true ...
With great pleasure I welcome Jonny (Alen Ashen Jonny Lee) from Russia in my kennel!
Jonny's dad is Worldjuniorwinner Alen Ashen Tour de France and his mum is Worldwinner Alen Ashen Jamaica!
Since years Im planning to buy a boy and I was searching patiently many years, but it was worthy to wait as Jonny is exactly what I want. He isnt just beautiful with great pedigree, his temperament is a dream. He is very easygoing, totally openminded to everone and everything and very playful. Im sure that we will have very, very much fun with this boy in future! Big thank you goes to Jonny's breeder Elena Kuskova for entrusting me this wonderful boy!



Spaniel Clubshow Stapar in Serbia
Another great showweekend is behind us!
We drove with 5 Cockers to Serbia and came back with 6 Cockers (planned) :-) (more about it later).
Our dogs were very successfull. Famie won championclass, Darky got Exc3, Phil got Baby-Clubwinner males, Izzy got Baby-Clubwinner females, her sister Jo-Ann was behind her with Vp2. Izzy too won Baby-Best of Breed and finally Baby-Best in Show! And we too got Best Breeding Group! Judge was breedspecialist Michael Masters from UK. Im again very proud of my sweethearts!

Many pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"



Darky's breeding licence
Last step is done! We made last necessary healthtests with Darky today and we are more than happy about his excellent results.

Manjuno's Dark Tempation: Hips A, Patella clear, Eyes clear, PRA clear, FN clear

We are looking very much forward to Darky's future as breeding male!


Clubshow Bac SK & Cacib Wieselburg
Two marvellous showweekends with unbelievable great successes are behind us!
Never ever I would have dreamed about, but Darky (Manjuno's Dark Temptation) won at Clubshow Bac, where 88 English Cockers where entered, not just a very strong and bic juniorclass, but he got Clubjuniorwinner and at finals BEST OF BREED too! An amazing success for my just 13 months old boy! And my nearly 8 year old girl Joy (Make Me Smile from Luna's Star) was again in showring after some time and won Best Honor female.
On next weekend Darky got CAJC in juniorclass on Cacib-Show in Wieselburg, so he is not just AUSTRIAN CLUBJUNIORCHAMPION, but too AUSTRIAN JUNIORCHAMPION. Famie (Manjuno's Beauty Fame) got CAC in Championclass and fulfills now all conditions for AUSTRIAN CHAMPION!
Im unbelievable happy and sooo prould!

Many pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


Manjuno's Walking in the Wildpark Ernstbrunn
We met after midday in best mood at the Wildpark Ernstbrunn and walked in this wonderful park! For our Cockers were the different animals and especially the meeting with the wolfes very exciting. After the walking we enjoyed lunch at an Heuriger! It was a perfect day!

More pictures from the walking you can find here "Walkings"


Wow, time goes so fast!
Manjuno's Dark Temptation - my Darky has his 1st birthday!
Some weeks ago Koya made gorgeous pictures of Darky and me in a park in Bratislava, this pictures I would like to show you now on Darkys birthday!
Happy Birthday too to Darky's siblings Dandy, Chewie, Rose, Annie and Passion!!!

More pictures from this great photoshooting you can find here "Photoshooting"


3 saturdays, 3 shows for Darky and great results!

First we were at Cacib-Show in Bratislava, here Darky won juniorclass with CAJC and finally Junior-BOB!
Than was IHA Salzburg, where Darky got Exc2 in juniorclass. And last but not least Cacib Maribor, where Darky again won juniorclass and finally got Best Male and BOS! Im so proud of my boy!


Now our little F's are already 10 weeks old and it was time for a little photoshooting with them!

Little ones are developing great, they are a really funny, naughty and happy gang, always in good mood, very openminded and curious. First little journey into dogschool or to Fressnapf they managed great!

More pictures of our little F's you can find here "F-Litter"


On this weekend last 3 E's moved into their new homes!
It is always hard to let them go, but its even harder when they stay so long!
Biscuit (now Truls), Schoko (now Lipton) and Scarlet were flying together with Scarlet's new mum to Sweden, there Lipton was picked up from his new mum - too from Sweden - and Truls from his new mum from Norway, his journey was a bit longer with car into the north!

Pictures from little E's with their new owners you can find here "E-Litter"



Famie's puppies are developing great, they are already 7 weeks old!
Today we made a little photoshooting with them! The two funniest pictures from that shooting I will show you here! :-)

More about Famie's puppies you can find here "F-Litter"


A great showweekend in Graz is behind us!
On saturday on Cacib-Show Darky (Manjuno's Dark Temptation) got Juniorwinner and Juno (Manjuno's About A Girl) got Exc2 resCAC in Championclass.
On Sunday we came with car full of dogs :-) The 3 little E's - Scarlet (Manjuno's Eternal Flame), Biscuit (Manjuno's Exciting News) & Schoko (Manjuno's Everlasting Love) - had their first show and they showed their socks off in Babyclass, all 3 got very promising with wonderful judgereports. Schoko won Baby-Best in Show at the end! Juno got Exc1 CAC in Championclass and is now Austrian Champion. Darky won Juniorclass with Juniorwinner, his brother Dandy (Manjuno's Dandy Delight) got Exc2 behind Darky. Darky's sister Passion (Manjuno's Deep Passion) too won Juniorclass with Juniorwinner. In finals Darky got Best Spaniel of Austrian Breed! It was a very stressy day but I woudnt want to miss this day and Im soooo proud of wonderful success of all Manjuno's - especially I want to thank Bianca Limberger and Katja Strnad that they allowed me to show Dandy & Passion!

Many pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


First start of Darky in juniorclass and what a great start it was into new showseason!
Manjuno's Dark Temptation 'Darky' won not just juniorclass with Exc1 CAJC, but too Junior-BOB and finally Best of Breed! Im soooo happy! Darky was shown by Kola, as I had to stay with puppies at home!


Famie's puppies arrived!!!
Famie got 6 sweet puppies in blueroan and blueroan/tan in the night from wednesday and thursday! Famie managed the birth with much instinct and really great and she takes wonderful care of her little ones!

More about Famie's puppies you will find here "F-Litter"


Im incredible happy.... my dream is coming true ... Famie is pregnant!
Famie was mated End of November from Morris and we are expecting puppies End of January 2017 in blueroan and maybe blueroan/tan!

Famie feels well, she is now in her last part of her pregnancy. Famie is hungry, but she doesnt want to eat everything ;-) She gained 3,5 kg weight and her belly grow + 17 cm ... we are very excited how many puppies Famie will give us ... but, most important is that all are healthy! In between puppies are moving a lot in Famie's belly! :-)

More you can find here "F-Litter"


During last few weeks I was lucky to see few of my puppies from D-litter, who are now already 9 months old. I made this collage to remind myself why do I like breeding so much and how lucky I am. And of course huge thanks to all owners of my Manjuno's who are doing so great job!

On picture mum Manjuno's About A Girl 'Juno' in the middle, around
Manjuno's Dark Temptation 'Darky'
Manjuno's Deep Passion 'Passion'
Manjuno's Diamond Rose 'Rose'
Manjuno's Dandy Delight 'Dandy'
Manjuno's Dawn Spirit 'Annie'
Dad is Phil Maris Dandy Devon 'Dandy'.


Time to say goodbye!
Puppies from E-litter are now 10 weeks old and first ones already left us!
Im very happy that I could find so, so nice owners for Charlie (Mr Orange - he lives now with aunt Healy - Manjuno's Autumn Bless in Feldkirchen bei Graz), Alley (Joy - she lives now with a lovely family in Eichgraben) and Elliott (Forest - he is now buddy of his owner in Hausleiten). Biscuit, Scarlet and Honey will move later as they are going abroad. And our lovely Schoko still is searching for a suitable family - and I would prefer an owner where he would be shown as I think that he has lots of potential. You can watch into my page from time to time, as there will come new pictures as we already have this 4 puppies here!

Many new pictures you can find here "Puppies - current litter"



Kennel Manjuno's wish you all a wonderful, new year 2017!