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Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

This year I didn't create a christmas card, but I made a christmas video with my puppies! Enjoy watching :-)

Christmas pictures from the puppies you can find here "Puppies - current litter"


Im incredible happy.... my dream is coming true ... Famie is pregnant!
Famie was mated End of November from Morris and we are expecting puppies End of January 2017 in blueroan and maybe blueroan/tan!

More you can find here "F-Litter"


Halftime for our E-Litter :-)
Puppies develope great, they gained already a lot of weight and they are getting more and more funny each day :-)

Many new pictures you can find here "Puppies - current litter"


In november we finished successfully BGH1-exam with Famie and BGH2-exam with Juno and Joy. And today I again made BGH2-exam with Juno and we got a really great result with 90 of 100 points!
After midday I went to Adventshow in Brno for watching and there I got certificates and cups for Famie and Joy. So Manjuno's Beauty Fame *Famie* and Make Me Smile from Luna's Star *Joy* are now officially Czech Clubchampions of Cockerclub CZ too!

Especially I'm very proud of Blue (Manjuno's Cute'N'Classic) and his owners, who made BGH1-exam with him with 99 points and an excellent!

Pictures from exams you can find here "Photogallery - Obedience"



Agility-Cockercup Brno CZ 2016
We were there! Julie and Joy started in LK Oldie, Juno in LK1. We had each 3 runs (2 jumpings, 1 a-run - all not easy open-runs) and it was just great, a wonderful funny day and my girls were suuuuuper!
Joy finished all 3 runs, the last one was a clear one, and she got 1st place in LK Oldie in summary!
Julie finished 2 of 3 runs and both clear ones, so she got 2nd place in LK Oldie!
Juno finished last run and that was a clear one, so she got 7th place in LK1.


Our E-Litter arrived :-)
In the night on Friday 28.10. Gracie gave birth to 7 puppies with super birthweights in just 3 hours - 4 boys (2 blueroans, 2 orangeroans) and 3 girls (2 blueroans, 1 orangeroan). It was an easy birth without complications, Gracie is such a great instinctive mum - and her puppies are super agil on the milkbar. A big and nice surprise was, that Gracie gave us orangeroan puppies. I knew that there is a small chance to get them, but I didnt think that it will happen, the more I was happy that we now have this lovely color-spots in this litter :-)

More about the litter you can find here "Puppies - current litter"


On the last puppyfree weekend we were at the agility-tournament "Oktoberfest" in Königstetten.
I was with Juno and Joy. Both girls went dis in first A-run, and both girls were great in second A-run. Juno won the second run with the 1st place and an error-free run, in summary she got 4th place in Lk1 Medium. Joy too won second run with the 1st place and also won in summary 1st place in LK Oldie Medium! Im very proud of my girls!



As each saturday afternoon we were at dogschool today - and enjoyed this wonderful sunny day - and two friends filmed us at training.
I trained the parcour from "Breitensport" with each of my cockers. After that I made a test-exam with Juno in BGH 2, Joy in BGH 2 and Famie in BGH 1.

October 2016

Im sooo happy ... it worked .... Manjuno's Amazing Grace *Gracie* is pregnant, dad is the beautiful nearly 13 years old boy Bleper's Filip. Filip is a top-male, who is not just topfit and healthy in his age and has an absolutely wonderful character, he too won a lot on shows in his life (International Champion, Veteranclasswinner on Crufts in Birmingham 2016, European Veteranwinner in Brno 2014 and Brussels 2016 - just to mention some of his success).
Puppies will arrive around Nationalday (26.10.). Gracie is feeling well, her belly is slowly getting bigger :-)

More about this litter you can find here "Puppies - planned litter"


3. 10. 2016

Sunday I spent with Famie on IDS Tulln. Famie was not in a mood to run, so we got Exc3 in a strong class of 6 bitches.
Great was our visit of my friend Jacky, she has a new company and first time a stand of her selfmade things on a show. We love her selfmade leashes and balls, so Famie helped on the stand to promote her things :-) The ball we baught from Jacky we tested immediately - my Cockers love him!

Website of my friend: www.bennington.at

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"



2. 10. 2016

On saturday we were on clubshow from Spanielclub in Brno/CZ, where Moray Armstrong from UK judged. It was a nice show in an agilityhall, well organised. Manjuno's Beauty Fame *Famie* won her class with Exc1 CAC. Manjuno's Dark Temptation *Darky* got Very promising 1 and later in mainring he won 2nd place for Baby-Best In Show! Im so proud of them, especially my little Darky, he is showing himself sooooo well like a pro!

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


26. 8. 2016

From one show I have to report extra .... we were there, we visited the Eurodogshow in Brussels!!!
The show was well organised, big halls, very huge rings. I drove without expectations to this show ... okey ... to be honest, I hoped for getting placed with Famie in her class. At the end everything came unexpected and it took me some time to realise it. Manjuno's Dark Temptation *Darky* got Very promising 2 in babyclass. Manjuno's Beauty Fame *Famie* won openclass - I was on cloud 9. But that was not enough, Famie was selected as best particolor bitch and finally got the CACIB and with that the title EUROPEAN WINNER, Belgian Winner and Benelux Winner 2016. At the end she too got Best of opposite Sex (BOS)! I never in my life would have dreamed about getting such big title. I think my smile on the pictures is telling how happy I was and I am! This is the top of my success, my first litter was 4 years ago, and when I think back, I can be very very proud what I reached in such short time with my girls and in my breeding! This title is not "just" a title, this title is a huge motivation for me to go my way together with my cockers in breeding this wonderful breed as motivated and dedicated as Im doing it until now!

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


8. 2016

We had an exciting August! We visited 3 dogshows close to us, two clubshows and one cacib-show. On Clubshow in SK Darky got very promising 2 in babyclass and Famie got Exc2 resCAC in Championclass. Darky showed himself very well on his first show, he moved great and had lots of fun. One week later we spent a rainy day on Cacib Bratislava, where my dear friend Mykola showed Juno and Darky. Juno got Exc1 CAC in championclass and Darky Very promising 1 in Babyclass, later in mainring he got 3rd Baby-Best in Show!!! Im very proud of my little boy! Last weekend of August we visited Clubshow in CZ, where Darky again got Very promising 1 and Famie won openclass with Exc1 CAC. Im very proud of my girls and my boy! Now we need a break of Shows and we will start now again intensive training in dogschool :-)

More pictures from the shows you can find here "Shows"



7. 8. 2016

On sunday we had our big Manjuno's Kennelday 2016 at my house!
It was a wonderful day with wonderful weather with 17 cockers, one cat and 20 lovely people, dogs and people had so much fun! I would like to say "Thank you" to all my Manjuno's that you made this day possible!!!

More pictures from our Kennelday you can find here "Puppyreunion"

14. 7. 2016

What a grandious success especially vor my Joy so short before her last litter on this weekend on the special-spaniel-clubshow in Grosshabersdorf in Germany. I show Joy (Make Me Smile from Luna's Star - mum of all my Manjuno's) just 1-2 times a year, as she has so much fun on shows and presents herself so great and as she already has everything she could have - I thought so - but this weekend she beated everything with winning BEST IN SHOW!
How it came...
As I love to show all my girls on clubshows I entered in each class two of my girls. So Joy and Famie (Manjuno's Beauty Fame) were in championclass together with one other girl, and Juno (Manjuno's About A Girl) and Gracie (Manjuno's Amazing Grace) were in openclass together with two other girls. Joy won championclass with Exc1 CAC-VDH, Famie got Exc2 resCAC-VDH. Juno won openclass with Exc1 CAC-VDH, Gracie got Exc3. In finals Joy got the CAC-Club & Best Bitch, Famie got resCAC-Club and resBest Bitch, than Joy went BOB (Best of Breed) and finally BIS (Best in Show). And at the end we too got BEST BREEDING GROUP with Famie, Juno and Gracie!
It was such a wonderful day with great friends and Im unbelievable proud of my girls and very, very happy to got so great results with them!

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"



26. 6. 2016

Our little ones are already 10 weeks old and they unfortunately start to move now into their new homes! But I found sooooo lovely familys for my girls and boys, so that I can let them go with a smile in my face!
Shortly before Passion moved on sunday we made wonderful new pictures, which you can find under D-Litter!


19. 6. 2016

I still cannot believe it! The nearly unpossible thing went true!
Manjuno's Beauty Fame, my Famie wo not just her class on IHA Klagenfurt on saturday, she too got best bitch with CACIB and finally BOB (Best of Breed)! So Fmaie is not just again qualified for Crufts 2017, she too got the title of the International Champion with the lowest possible age of 2,5 years! What a year is behind us - Famie got many Cacibs in countries, where lots of concurrence is (Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia), just the needed year between first and last cacib we had to wait for and this year was now over. Im soooo unbelievable proud of this gorgeous girl! Im proud being her owner as I sooooo much love her character and its such a pleasure to live witz her. And Im unbelievable proud being her breeder - Famie is my first offspring, who got international Champion!



8. 6. 2016

Today I was with my puppies at the vet for chiping and vaccinating. The little ones were great and brave!
Driving 40 minutes home was enough for them for chilling, at home they already had lots of fun in the garden!

On page of my D-Litter I uploaded lots of new pictures and videos!

5. 6. 2016

We visited the really great Clubshow from Cockerclub CZ on the weekend which was held at Castle Polna in CZ. There were entered 123 English Cocker of top quality and english judges Sam Whiting and David Todd did a great job. This time I entered just Famie and Famie did great, she won again strong championclass out of 5 bitches with Exc1 CAC. Im soooo happy and very, very proud of Famie!

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"

25. 5. 2016

Last weekend and two weeks ago this beautiful pictures of Gracie, Famie and Joy were made! Many thanks to Mykola Nevrev for them!


25. 5. 2016

Last weekend was soooo great!
On saturday Famie got resCAC and resCACIB on IHA Wieselburg. Sunday we spent at the clubshow of cockerclub in Slovakia. There were nearly 90 Cockers entered, the english judge Duncan Craig made a great jog and we enjoy the great athmosphare with wonderful weather. And we are very happy about our results!
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star - my Joy got Exc2 in Honourclass. Her daughters rocked the ring on this day! Manjuno's Amazing Grace - Gracie won open class out of 4 Cockers, Manjuno's Beauty Fame - Famie won championclass out of 3 Cockers and got at the end Best of Variety, which means best particolor bitch on the show. Im sooo proud of my girls!
A big thank you to my grandmum, who enjoy that weekend with my puppies!

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


23. 5. 2016

Halftime :-) Five weeks are our puppys now and they are so funny!
Juno is an absolutely great mum and Famie loves her halfsisters and halfbrothers a lot!
On side of our D-litter you can find many new pictures and videos!

Since some time names for our little ones are selected. Boys are called Manjuno's Dandy Delight, Manjuno's Dark Temptation und Manjuno's Dare T'Be Diffrent. Girl's names are Manjuno's Diamond Rose, Manjuno's Dawn Spirit und Manjuno's Deep Passion.

20. 4. 2016

Juno and her Babys are doing very well! The little ones are growing and Juno is best mum we ever could wish! She loves her children so much and doesn't let them any second alone!

Under Puppies - Current Litter you can find birthweights of the little ones, first pictures and first video you also can find there! And there you can watch them growing in the next weeks!

17. 4. 2016

Juno's puppies arrived yesterday night!

We are happy about 3 boys and 3 girls in blueroan! The little ones and mum are doing great, Juno managed the birth super and with lots of instinct and the puppies are having super birthweights!
More infos and pictures will follow in some days!

9. 4. 2016

We got great news this morning!
Manjuno's Beauty Fame *FAMIE* is too AN clear!!!

So no puppys of Juno, Gracie and Famie can ever get affected to Adult Onset Neuropathy!

5. 4. 2016

Countdown starts... in two weeks Juno will get her first puppies!

Juno is feeling good, she enjoys the sun, is sleeping a lot and loves to cuddle with me!

More about our D-litter you can find under "D-Litter"



28. 3. 2016

Today I started first time this year at an outdoor-agilitytournament. We were at Eastertournament from ÖRV Donaustadt!
Joy started first time after 4 years and too first time in class Oldie.
Famie and Joy were sooo great today! Famie won class 1 medium with zero erros and a 1st place. She got her second rise authorization. Joy got 2nd place in class oldie medium! Im so proud of my two girls!

Many super pictures from my girls at the Agility-Tournament you can find under "Agility"


18. 3. 2016

Im so so so happy!

Im happy to announce that JUNO will await her first litter in middle of April!
As my ever-love DANDY gave me such a healthy and beautiful litter with Juno's mum two years ago (where Famie is out of), I decided to use him again! Love the type and character he gives to his progeny so much!

More about our D-litter you will find under "D-Litter"

13. 3. 2016

After we were from 5 days 4 days on the road, we - my dad and I - arrived this evening save at home! What an experience, the journey, the ferry from Dnkirchen to Dover, driving on left side in England, ...
But absolute highlight was our goal - CRUFTS in Birmingham!
It was sooooooo great, I met soooo many lovely breeder and it was an overwhelming feeling to be allowed to run on the green carpet with Famie!
Im endless proud of Famie, that she presented herself as only Cocker from Austria soooo well!

More pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


6. 3. 2016

An unbelievable big and exciting project is planned!
CRUFTS 2016 in Birmingham ... the biggest dogshow with 22000 entered dogs on four days and 450 entered Cocker. You only can enter your dog when you are qualified for it, there are just a few shows where you can qualify with a CACIB. And Famie got it!!!
Everything is organised for the big journey and Famie is ready too!


6. 3. 2016

Again I packed out two boys from my C-litter and what I found under this heavy coat was really great! Im totally in love with this two boys!

Manjuno's Cute'N'Classic - BLUE
Manjuno's Cute'N'Famous - JIMMY

13. 2. 2016

8 years ago, I started with Cockers ...
8 years ago, I felt so much in love with Cockers because of ...
8 years ago, my one and only, my black beauty moved to us ...
Happy 8th Birthday, my dear!
Stay as you are, and most important, stay as healthy as you are!
Love you, Julie!

12. 2. 2016

Manjuno's Beauty Fame - my FAMIE is not just Best Cockerbitch of 2015 in our Spanielclub, she got yesterday 1st PLACE of CLUBCHAMPION in AGILITY 1 from GV Poysdorf!
Im soooo happy and very very proud of my Famie! She is not just a beautiful girl, she also is very clever and it's a big pleasure to work with her!


4. 2. 2016

Trimming Time :-)
Today Famie's sister Luna (Manjuno's Be My Beauty) was here for trimming!
I'm happy, Luna developed to a very beautiful bitch!

And some days earlier I trimmed my Juno (Manjuno's Agout A Girl), as after long stop of shows she finally got her coat back :-)


21. 1. 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday to all Cockers from my B-litter, especially to my Famie and all owners of them furthermore lots of pleasure with them!


17. 1. 2016

On way home from Nitra we found this beautiful areal in Slovakia. We coudn't resist, stopped, went for a walk and made pictures on this wonderful sunny day.

More from this pictures you will find here "Photoshooting"


17. 1. 2016

This weekend I spent together with Famie and a good friend in Nitra!
Manjuno's Beauty Fame *FAMIE* got both days Exc1 CAC in open class and fulfilled with this all conditions for SLOVAKIAN CHAMPION! Im very happy about it!


13. 1. 2016

We too have agility-training in winter!

10. 1. 2016

Year 2015 ended great, but the new year starts even better :-)
I still cannot believe it, Famie won BOB on our first show this year in Nrnberg. She can call herself now too "Alpswinner" and in the mainring she was shortselected for Best of Group 8. I'm sooo proud of Famie and so happy!

Many pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


6. 1. 2016

What a great end of the year 2015 for Famie!

Famie got best Cockerbitch in our Austrian Cockerclub and best in Austria bred Cocker of the year 2015!!!
I'm soooo proud of Famie!!!

6. 1. 2016

This week Capper (Manjuno's Cute'N'Joyful) makes holiday with us during his "mum" is making holiday in Germany :-)
Capper is a really funny and lively boy and he keeps us very busy :-)
Today I visited with Capper his mum Gracie (Manjuno's Amazing Grace) and his sister Leni (Manjuno's Cute'N'Special). Leni and Capper had so much fun together.

Capper - Gracie - Leni

3. 1. 2016

Great start into the new year with an agility-weekend at "Dreiknigsturnier" in Baden.
3 Cockers, for each 3 A-runs and 1 Jumping in 2 days....

My oldie Julie was a big surprise this weekend, as she had "just fun" at our last starts, but this weekend she showed that she is a really really good girl! She did so great, wonderful runs, 3 first places (2 Excellent - one of them with 0 erros, 1 Very good), 1 dis --> in summary 2nd place in LK Oldie Medium!

Famie also was a good girl this weekend, she had two 4th places (1 Excellent, 1 Very good) and two dis --> in summary 6th place in LK1 Medium out of 16 starter in her class!

JUNO ... is Juno... nothing to say more ... crazy, crazy, crazy and deaf (sometimes) ... 4 dis in LK1 Medium

Lots of pictures from my girls at the agilitytournament you can find here "Agility"


1. 1. 2016

We wish you all a happy new year!