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24. 12. 2015

We wish you all and especially to our Manjuno's and their owners a wonderful silent christmas-time!

13. 12. 2015

As every year our showyear ends up with the beautiful adventshow from Cockerlub CZ in Brno.

I spent such a lovely day together with my friends! Famie showed herself great and we could get Exc2 resCAC in a very big open class of 7 bitches. For us this is a great end of saison!

Many new pictures from the show you can find under "Shows"

12. 12. 2015

Today we were at the agilitytournament "Seenlauf" from ÖGV Donaustadt! I started with Juno, Famie und Julie! Julie had her fun ;-), Juno was crazy - no further comment ;-) and Famie saved again the day hihi... She had two lovely runs, made the A-ran with just one error and got again the 1st place :-)

11. 12. 2015

First frost is perfect to test my new lense :-)
And my girls are perfect models for this :-)


8. 12. 2015

Today I started with Juno, Famie and Julie at an agility-test in Korneuburg! Julie had a lot of fun, I started with her first time since spring. Juno was a good girl, unfortunately we went DIS at slalom. Famie too had a great run and she got 1st place in LK1 Medium!

6. 12. 2015

This weekend I spent with all my girls at my friend Lisa, we too visited Double-Cacib in Wels, where I too met Funny (Manjuno's Blue Pearl) and her owner Gabi!
On Saturday Famie won her class with Exc1 CAC and got at the end resCACIB. I was very happy about it.
On sunday the judge didnt like that Famie is not jumping during running in the ring and that Famie is a good girl who knows how to behave in the ring. So she gave us Exc2 resCAC with the comment, she definitly has better quality. Okey... I dont need to understand everything ... ;-)

Many new pictures from the show you can find under "Shows"


1. 12. 2015

I wish you all a wonderful adventtime!

More adventpictures from my girls you can find under "Fotoshootings"

29. 11. 2015

I spent weekend with Famie in Nitra on the Double-Cacib-Show!
Famie got on both days Exc1 CAC in her class and on saturday she also got resCACIB!

It was a wonderful weekend with Cocker-friends, I enjoyed the chatting about Cockers and the great dinner!

Many new pictures from the show you can find under "Shows"


21. 11. 2015

Im soooo proud of Famie and Juno!!!!!!
We decided shortly one week ago to enter the obediencetests from our dogschool today. So we trained studiously during the week after a long trainingstop (in the last months agility was more important for me).
Juno reached 91 from 100 points at BGH1-test with Very Good and Famie passed BH-test in all parts with Excellent!!!
My two sweathearts were soooo great!!!

Famie's obedience-part of her BH-test:

14. 11. 2015

1. Tattendorfer Winterhallencup - Agility

If you are working hard on something, and you see that it works.... that is such a beautiful feeling!

My girls were great!!! On first parcour, Juno got her first point for LK2, she made a run with zero errors and got 1st place, Famie made just one error and got 3rd place. On second parcour, both went DIS, I made a mistake on Famie's run, and about Juno's we don't speak ;-)
In summary on this day Juno got 2nd place and Famie got 4th place! :-)

We are also sending big congrats to Funny (Manjuno's Blue Pearl) and her owner Gabi
, for passing BGH 1 - test with excellent!!!

4. 11. 2015

My girls not only have a lot of fun in agility, they too love to retrieve.
So we are training from time to time a little bit of work with dummys. And this time I had my camera with me :-)

Many pictures you can find here "Obedience"

2. 11. 2015

Suuuuch a great autumn.... a dream for and with our dogs. We are spending a lot of time outside and enjoy our big new garden. And cat Mr. Clooney is always with us too :-)

Many pictures you can find here "Photoshooting"



1. 11. 2015

Everything has it's end ... So last week we said goodbye to the last two boys from my C-Litter!
Mr Grey is called now Lenny and he will get a therapydog later and he will have lots of fun with his new owner in agility. Jimmy is living now in Graz and his new owner will have lots of fun in working with dummys with him.
I'm very happy that I found such great new owners for my little ones and I want to say thank you to everyone of them that they are giving my puppies such great homes and stay in contact with me.
Too I would like to say thank you to my mum and my grandmum, who often helped me in the last months with my puppies and my adult ones.
Now it is silent here ... I will enjoy this silent time with my adult girls, until it will get again more turbulent next spring, when hopefully Juno will get her first litter.


31. 10. 2015

This afternoon we spent on the Agility-Halloweenrun at ÖRV Donaustadt. I ran with Juno and Famie and both runs we got DIS :-) But ... my girls were great. Juno's Dis was caused by myself, as I didnt repeat the slalom. But Im very proud of my girls as I can see from week to week that they make big steps in the right direction.



25. 10. 2015

This weekend I was with Famie and Jimmy at Duo-Cacib Bratislava.
Jimmy was with us for company and I showed Famie. After the show on saturday we spent such a lovely evening celebrating Kolya's birthday in Bratislava. Saturday Famie got Exc2 in open class, the judge liked big and massive cockers - there Famie had no chance, as she is very much from english type - small and compact. Sunday was than a big surprise for us, we expected nothing - I didnt even took the catalogue in the morning - and we got everything! Famie won not only the openclass with 3 bitches, she surprisely got CACIB and at the end BOB out of a big number of entries and top concurrence with a russian breadknower as judge. I was so overwhelmed and soooo happy and sooo proud of Famie!!!

Many pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


11. 10. 2015

WOW what a day!
Today I made trafficpart of the BH-Test in Austria, and Famie got it perfectly ... I found it so sweet as the judge said about Famie: "She is very much in love to her mummy" :-) hihi yes, Famie loves me a lot and always look up to me during the excercises.
And than I had my first start with Famie in Agility :-)
And what shell I say, I cannot believe it yet, Famie mady zero errors and her first run and got 1st place in LK1 Medium! Also Juno was soooo great and soooo quick, she only made one error and got Excellent. I'm sooo proud of my girls!

6. 10. 2015

Mr Violet, Mr Grey and Miss Princess are searching for new families!

Little ones are 4 months old now, develop great, are doing walkings and have lots of fun in puppyschool - will be best socialized!

Many new pictures from our C-Litter you will find here "Puppies - Current Litter"


Mr Violet and Mr Grey were with me at the IDS Tulln, I didnt show them, but they could collect experiences.


6. 10. 2015

Long time I didnt wrote about our success on shows. We didnt show a lot the last months, but sometimes we were and there we were very successful. Now I will tell you about all of them :-)

Middle of July I visited with Famie IDS Oberwart and we were totally surprised about our result, and we were sooo happy. Famie won her class with Exc1 CAC, but also she got the CACIB - first one in Austria with only 18 months! With this Famie fulfills all conditions for Austrian Juniorchampion!

End of July I visited with Famie, Juno and Joy the clubshow in Bezmerov CZ. Joy got Exc1 CAC in championclass, Juno got Exc2 resCAC in openclass and Famie got Exc1 CAC in intermediaclass. We spent a wonderful day on a very lovely showground, and my girls had lots of fun running and playing there after the show.

Middle of August I spent a weekend together with Famie on IDS in Innsbruck, where Famie got on both days intermedialcass with Exc1 CAC.

Middle of September Juno, Famie and I spent a great weekend in Osijek, where we visited on both days the IDS and after show we visited beautiful oldtown. Famie got on both days Exc1 CAC in intermediaclass, Juno got on first day Exc2, on second day Exc1 CAC in openclass. With this Famie fulfilled all conditions for her first adult title, she can call herself now Croatian Champion.

End of September I visited IDS in Tulln. Famie won on first day intermediaclass with Exc1 CAC, on second day she got Exc2 resCAC behind her halfsister from slovakia.
Im very proud of my girls!

Many new pictures from the shows you will find under "Shows"



6. 10. 2015

Last weekend I visited with Juno and Famie an Agility-Weekendseminar with the german profitrainer Philipp Müller-Schnick.
It was a great weekend, we learned soooo much and we could make many steps forward. Generally, my girls made enormous progress in agility. It's so much pleasure to work with them as this two have soooo much pleasure themselves in working together with me!

Here some videosequences from the seminar:

End of August I made also with Famie a long planned Weekend-Mantrailing-Workshop. Famie learned there first time to mantrail. Famie learned on first day very quick what to do. After first two sequences she knew it. She found the persons in the short trails very quick and corrected herself when she moved too far. Already on first day the trainer recognised that Famie stays very close to the track. On second day we worked out 8 trail from different length. Famie was highmotivated. When the others were too tired, Famie wanted to work and showed super work. She showed super work with her nose, found the persons always very quick close to the track. We made double-L's, crossings and roadcrossings. Very great, Im very excited about Famie's work! At the end of the workshow Famie was totally k.o. We too spoke about different types of searching at dogs. My trainer and I had the same feeling that Famie suits best to the type "the Ambitious".

6. 10. 2015

Beside shows we tried this sommer mostly to arrange with this hot weather, what was better with going to swim a lot, mostly early in the morning. We found therefore a very lovely place not far from us.

Many pictures from aus swimmingtours you can find under "Summer"



We too took part at Spanielactivday! There visitors could learn about the English Cocker Spaniel and we showed many activities that could be done with the Cocker. In the afternoon there was a spanielrace, what we joined :-)
It was counted per KO-system. Famie ran against her speed-brother Sweetie, Joy went into quarterfinal, Juno and Julie into semifinal. We had a really funny day there!

More pictures from the spanielrace you can find under "Fun and Play with Friends"



6. 10. 2015

Since begin of august a cat enriched our life ...
... better said a male-cat named Mr. Clooney :-)

How it all began...
Midnight as my birthday began I heard yowl in front of my doorstep and found an approximately 3 months old cat. I took the cat inside and spent my birthday with searching his owner as this little boy was totally trustful and immediately used the cat-toilet. As I didnt find his owner I decided to keep him as he is totally fascinating - he was totally not afraid of my dogs. So as he grew up together with my C-litter, he got the name Mr. Clooney. My girls accepted Mr. Clooney fine and the puppies were totally thrilled of Mr. Clooney - he was a super playmate - and he is it still! Mr Clloney is acting often like a cocker - but okey, he doesnt see it different - and than it can happen that Joy is sleeping on the scratching-tree of Mr. Clooney.
Mr. Clooney conquered the hearts of all and he is a huge enrichment for everyone here.

Many pictures of our furry companion you can find under "Dog & Cat"



6. 8. 2015

How time flies!
Now our little ones are 9 weeks old and next week they can move to the big world.
We had our breedingchief here this week and everything is fine with our puppies!
Some of our puppies still looking for new lovely families! For two of my boys I would like to find a showhome or co-owner-place. Please contact me per mail or phone if you would like to know more about it.
Puppies have best life, they are so funny, play so much in the garden, love to play in the water or to grab wholes in the garden :-) I can watch them for hours.

Many new pictures you can find here "Welpen - Aktuelle Wrfe"

17. 7. 2015

Our little ones are now 6 weeks old and they are developing great.

This week they made first tour with the car to visit my vet for the puppy-parvo-vaccination. My vet is very satisfied with the little ones, all were totally brave, also in the car and all have correct teeth.

On the weekend we got visit from a nice friend and there he made beautiful pictures from my little ones. And I decided which boy will get which name.

Some of the puppies are still searching for lovely familys. For two boys I would be happy to find a showhome (new owners who would show him on dogshows later).

Many new pictures from our C-litter you will find here "Puppies - Current Litter"

16. 7. 2015

Adult Onset Neuropathy - A progressive weakness due to a neuropathy has been recognized as an autosomal recessive, hereditary disorder in English Cocker Spaniels by the research team at the University of Missouri Animal Molecular Genetic Lab. Clinical signs typically begin between 7 and 9 years of age and consist first of an uncoordinated gait or wobbling in the hind limbs. The stance in the hind limbs is wide-base and the hocks will drop lower to the ground. The weakness eventually progresses to also involve the front limbs. When dogs become non-ambulatory in all limbs, difficulty in swallowing also becomes apparent. The neurologic signs seem to progress gradually over 3 to 4 years and more slowly than those of degenerative myelopathy. All English Cocker Spaniels clinically affected with this form of neuropathy have tested clear for the mutation that underlies DM. So far the disease has only been clinically diagnosed in English Cocker Spaniels.

My two girls from my A-Litter - Manjuno's About A Girl *JUNO* and Manjuno's Amazing Grace *GRACIE* are first English Cocker Spaniel in Austria, who are tested and they are AN clear, that means that they are free from this disease. So their progeny never can be affected of Adult Onset Neuropathy.

Im very happy about this nice results and hope, that in Austria and worldwide more breeder will start to make the genetically test.

29. 6. 2015

We have names! :-)
Our girl will get the name Manjuno's Cute'N'Special.
The boys will get the following names:
Manjuno's Cute'N'Famous
Manjuno's Cute'N'Classic
Manjuno's Cute'N'Blue
Manjuno's Cute'N'Joyful
Manjuno's Cute'N'Popular
Manjuno's Cute'N'Handsome

They are developing great. Gracie has a lot of milk, so we have really fat puppies :-)
This week I started too to feed them raw meat, they really like it. Today they spent first time some minutes in the garden in the grass. And in the next days they will move to a bigger puppyplace in my house.

Lot of new pictures and videos of our C-Litter you will find under "Puppies - Current Litter"

14. 6. 2015

Our little ones are now 10 days old and they are doing well!
Mr. Grey doubled his birthweight two days ago, all other boys did it yesterday and our girl today.
I'm very satisfied with our puppies and mummy Gracie!

New pictures of our C-Litter you will find under "Puppies - Current Litter - 1 week old"

10. 6. 2015

Today I cleaned, brushed and trimmed mummy Gracie a little bit and I must say, I'm speachless. Gracie developed really great and she is looking gorgeous 6 days after giving birth to 7 puppies!


7. 6. 2015

Our puppies arrived!!!
Gracie gave birth to 6 proper boys and one sweet girl on thursday, 4th june. She made everything great and she is a great caring mummy!

More infos about our litter you will find shortly under "Puppies - Current litter"

4. 6. 2015

Day 62 ... we are waiting ... since yesterday Gracie will not eat anymore and she is panting a lot, she too will not really go out of her whelpingbox. Hopefully Gracie will have it soon behind her!

2. 6. 2015

Day 58 ... no it is getting heavy for Gracie. She has now + 3,5 kg and + 23 cm bellycircumstance. And yet she is running in the garden and try to steel a toy from Juno. She too starts to dig big holes in the garden.


31. 5. 2015

Gracie gained lots of weight. She has now day 56 and is very rounded. Her pregnancy is without problems until now, Gracie too was all the time super hungry :-)
Today we were for xray. According to the image, we can look forward to 6-8 little dwarfs.


25. 5. 2015

Sometimes in life it is necessary to change something and go different ways.
I stopped my long relationship with my boyfriend and moved back to Grokrut - the town where Im coming from. Here I have a renthous with a lovely garden. My girls love this new house and especially the garden. They feel very well here.


9. 5. 2015

What a day ... I'm sooo happy and proud that my girl Famie too is very successful in Austria.
We were today on IDS Wieselburg, where Manjuno's Beauty Fame *FAMIE* first won juniorclass out of 4 bitches and totally unbelievable for me, Famie got BOS (Best of opposite Sex) at the end out of juniorclass - again together with Maja Horvat's Darky (Black Lord Smooth Criminal), who got BOB. It is the third time in a row where this two cuties rock the ring!

More pictures you will find in the album "Shows"

8. 5. 2015

This time we were on our most favourite show - the clubshow from Cockerclub CZ.
And my girls did really great. Manjuno's Beauty Fame *FAMIE* got Exc2, resCAC in intermediaclass behind her halfsister out of 5, Manjuno's About A Girl *JUNO* won openclass with Exc1 CAC out of 3 and Make Me Smile from Luna's Star *JOY* got Exc in Honorclass and in the end Best Honor! Again very proud of my girls!

More pictures you will find in the album "Shows"


6. 5. 2015

On beginning of April our Gracie (Manjuno's Amazing Grace) had a date with Macambo Mr. Macho in Budapest and this date was not without consequences. So I'm really happy to publish that our Gracie is pregnant! We were at ultrasound today and we could see some little babies. We couldnt count them as they were already too big (I went too late to ultrasoud for that). So we will have our C-litter at beginning of June!

More you can find here "planned litter"

1.-3. 5. 2015

We had beautiful time 4 days in Zadar, 3 days on Cacib-Shows there, not only on show, too by enjoying Old Town & Beach in Zadar and great food! And our results are more than great! Manjuno's Beauty Fame got all 3 days exzellent, all 3 days BOS, one time Junior-BOB and selected for Junior-BIG, two times CACIB! And we too take Croatian Juniorchampion at home!

More pictures you will find in the album "Shows"


20. 4. 2015

Spent so lovely time together with Maja Horvat and Nikola Volic in Djakovo & Osijek in Croatia! Great fun for us and our dogs there and gorgeous results! Our two stars on this weekend were definitly my FAMIE (Manjuno's Beauty Fame) and Maja's and Melissa's DARKY (Black Lord Smooth Criminal). DARKY got both days BOB & BOG. FAMIE got both days BOS and Junior-BOB. In Osijek she was shortlisted for Junior-BIS and in Djakovo she got 3rd JUNIOR-BIS all breeds!!!! You cannot imagine how happy and proud I am!!! Also my Juno (Manjuno's About A Girl) did great and got both days CAC.

More pictures you will find in the album "Shows"


12. 4. 2015

Spent a lovely springday together with my great friend Mykola, Juno and Famie on Neusiedlersee and there we too made veeeery lovely pictures. And at the end of the day my girls could go to swim in the water.

More pictures you will find in the album "Photoshootings"

11. 4. 2015

Today I was in Czech Republic on CAC Ostrava with Famie. We had a very big juniorclass and I'm so proud of Famie, as Famie won the class and too got best junior bitch of all colours. So now Famie has all necessary CAJC's and she is now Czech Juniorchampion!


9. 4. 2015

Fun too is necessary! My girls had lots of fun playing and running together with Famie's brother Billy in dogschool.

More pictures you will find in the album "Friends"


6. 4. 2015

Our adventure - spending easterweekend in Serbia - is over and it was great. We spent 3 days in Novi Sad, visited Cacib-Show in Jagodina on Saturday and Cac-Show in Novi Sad on Sunday. Enjoyed seeing so much from Novi Sad, it's a very lovely history town, especially the Petrovaradin Fortress impressed me much! Unfortunately I have nearly no pictures of this beautiful town as during the day I was always on show or on the road. It is really worth to go there and shows too could need a bit more entries, especially in Cockers ;-)

To our results...

Cacib Jagodina 2015:
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star *Joy* Exc1 CAC, CACIB
Manjuno's About A Girl *Juno* Exc1 CAC, resCACIB
Manjuno's Beauty Fame *Famie* Exc1 CAJC, Junior-BOB, BOB, Junior-BOG

CAC Novi Sad 2015:
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star *Joy* Exc1 CAC
Manjuno's About A Girl *Juno* Exc1 CAC
Manjuno's Beauty Fame *Famie* Exc1 CAJC, Junior-BOB, BOB, Junior-BOG, BOG3

So we too come back with 3 new championtitles :-)
Juno & Joy got Serbian Champion and Famie got Serbian Juniorchampion!


1. 4. 2015

My Joy ... hach ... I love my girl so much.
Ich trimmed Joy after longer stop from shows, and I have to say, that Joy looks fantastic despite she is already 5,5 years old and had 2 litters with in summary 11 puppies!

29. 3. 2015

So that our weekend is nicely varied, we took part of a dummytrainingday from Austrian Spanielclub. We had a great day where we learned a lot.

I wrote a report for the webpage of JSpK and the journal ProSpaniel. You can see it here, but unfortunately only in german: "Report"


28. 3. 2015

A great success for my girls on IDS Salzburg. We were first time in Salzburg on show and we liked it there. Famie won juniorclass (out of 3 bitches) with the CAJC and Juno won open class (out of 2 bitches) with CAC. So Juno has 5 of the 6 necessary CAC's for Austrian Champion and has to wait now until yearperiod is over.


15. 3. 2015

Julie and I were mantrailing again. This time it were very difficult trails. First a negativtrail trough the city - ending without finding the person as par example the person drove by car away. Another trail on trainstation area trough an underpass with several staircases, where the person was hidden sitting in a car on the parkingspace. Julie worked out both trails great, especially the second trail fascinated me, Julie went her way determined and found the person on direct way. Ein Negativtrail quer durch Wolkersdorf durch - hier endet der Trail ohne dass die Zielperson gefunden wird, weil diese z.B. in ein Auto steigt und wegfhrt. Ein weiterer Trail am Bahnhofsgelnde durch eine Unterfhrung durch mit mehreren Aufgngen, wo sich die Zielperson dann in einem Auto sitzend auf einem Parkplatz befand. Julie arbeitete die beiden Trails groartig aus, besonders der zweite Trail faszinierte mich, Julie ging zielstrebig ihren Weg und fand die Person auf direktem Weg. I always find it totally amazing to what our dogs are capable of.

14. 3. 2015

Today I got two pictures of Funny (Manjuno's Blue Pearl) - Famie's sister. She was trimming at my friend Lisa and Lisa sent made pictures for me. Funny looks great! I'm really very happy with my B-litter!


8. 3. 2015

What a great weekend! We were on IDS & Clubshow Graz and spent two funny days with friends and nice results. Famie got in very strong juniorclasses on saturday Exc2 out of 6 juniorbitches and on sunday Exc3 out of 5 juniorbitches. I was really happy that Famie's halfsister Drycastle Dandy's Faye won juniorclass on sunday. Juno won both days openclass (out of 4 bitches on saturday and out of 3 bitches on sunday) with CAC and too she got on saturday the resCACIB. I'm very proud of my girls!

More pictures you will find in the album "Ausstellungen"


28. 2. 2015

In dogschool today we tried to use things we learned on agilityseminar.
It was a wonderful training with Juno & Julie! Too Billy's owner now started to make with him agility in our dogschool. I'm really happy about as Billy really loves it.

More pictures you will find in the album "Agility"


28. 2. 2015

Today Famie and I visited Luna (Manjuno's Be My Beauty). First I trimmed Luna and after trimming the two girls had sooo much fun together in the garden.

More pictures you can find in the album "Friends"


22. 2. 2015

Today I spent great day together with Juno on an agility-seminar in Knigstetten.
We - especially I - learned soooo much! I have to work more calm, than it works a lot better. In addition I learned lots of new leading-techniques, whome I will now try to use in the future.

More pictures you will find in the album "Agility"


15. 2. 2015

What a weekend on Cacib & Winterwinner Celje!!! I'm flying on clouds and I'm sooo happy about our grandious results this weekend!
Whole saturday we spent together with Neza on the show. Juno got resCACIB. Famie got Junior-BOB and with only 12 months BOB!!!
Sunday was too really great, Juno got CACIB and Famie got again Junior-BOB and at the end BOS! My girls can call themselfes now Winterwinner Celje and Junior-Winterwinner Celje :-) Juno and Famie are great, totally in topform and as a breeder of them both I'm sure very very proud of my own offspring!

More pictures you can find in the album "Shows"


13. 2. 2015

Today we had generalmeeting from GV Poysdorf - our dogschool. Julie got 2. place Clubchampion Obedience Beginner 2014 and Joy got 3. place Clubchampion Obedience Beginner 2014. I was so happy, we reached so much in 2014 and got really nice results in Obedience!

13. 2. 2015

Happy 7. Birthday to my Julie!!!
Julie, you are my first love, you were the reason why I felt so much in love into English Cockers. You impress me so much with your calm, your extremely quick learning, your will, your intelligence. With your 7 years you are learning new things like a teenager! It is so great to have you around us, to work with you, to cuddle with you every evening before we fall asleep.

11. 2. 2015

Today I made some training-trails in Mistelbach with Julie and Joy. They should learn to show exactly who is the searched person per sitting before the person. For Julie and Joy it was very heavy training, as they trailed first time on asphalt, but they did well. Expecially Julie learned very quick and showed the searched person perfectly by sitting in front of her at our last trail!

More pictures you can find in the album "Obedience"


8. 2. 2015

I got beautiful pictures of my two girls Manjuno's About A Girl *JUNO* - now 2,5 years old, and Manjuno's Beauty Fame *FAMIE* - now 1 year old.


8. 2. 2015

And another great showweekend ends! This time we were on Duo-CACIB Brno! Famie won on both days the juniorclass, on first day were 4 juniorbitches, on second day 3 juniorbitches. Im very proud of my girl!

More pictures you can find in the album "Shows"


03. 2. 2015

Now we have it ... we made healthtests with Famie today for breeding in the future.
Famie's results: Eyes free, hips B, PRA B
Famie is feeling well after the anesthesia because of hips-x-ray. And I'm happy about this nice healthresults.

21. 1. 2015

Crazy how time flies! Our B's - Sweetie, Billy, Famie, Funny, Dandy, Henry & Luna - are celebrating their 1st birthday today! I wish them all the best and that they have furthermore so great time with their super families and that they furthermore stay such great, carefree & funny Cocker Spaniels!

18. 1. 2015

A fantastic weekend is behind us, so great results on Cacib Ljubljana, great evenings with friends in Ljubljana and nice talks on the show! Cannot imagine a better weekend!
On Saturday Gracie got Exc1, CAC in open class and finally totally unexpected the CACIB! Not to believe, but Famie could top this result! She got Exc1 in juniorclass, than Junior-Winner against other-colored juniorbitches and finally Junior-BOB and ... with an age of only 12 months BOS at the end! But this was not enough, in mainring Famie got Junior-BOG!
Next day, Gracie got again Exc1 CAC in open class and Famie again was able to take Exc1, Junior-Winner and Junior-BOB!
I'm soooo proud of my girls and I'm so happy about sooo many positive reactions and talks about my Famie!

14. 1. 2015

Since today Funny from our B-litter is here for 3 weeks!
Funny's owner Gabi is on Reha and Funny can have in between lots of fun with her sister Famie!


10. 1. 2015

Famie, Gracie and I visited today the Wintershow in Nitra!
I'm really happy about our great results. Gracie got Exc2 resCAC in class of 4 bitches. Famie got Exc1 CAJC in juniorclass and at the end Junior-BOB! I'm very proud of my girls!
Famie now fulfilled all conditions for Slovakian Juniorchampion!

5. 1. 2015

We had visit from Holland from Finet and her 4 Cocker-girls!
As Finet too is working in agility with her girls, we drove to a tournament to Baden, where we too met Lisa with her Cockers and we spent funny two days on the tournament. I worked with Juno and Julie. Julie ran first time in LK Oldie - it is fantastic, Julie is getting more and more agility-crazy the older she is :-) For Juno it was the second start, we saw the tournament as a good training for her. We generally have to train a lot, but one think is fix - Juno looooves Agility and has so much pleasure on it - and this is the most important thing!

Mehr Fotos findet ihr im Album "Agility"


1. 1. 2015

We wish you all a wonderful new year!