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13. 12. 2014

Every year we are looking forward to a very special showfinish of the year, the wonderful Adventshow from Cockerclub CZ in Brno. And it was a really great show, where we got lovely results. Famie got Exc2 in juniorclass out of 8 bitches. Gracie got Exc3 and Juno Exc4 in open class out of 8 bitches. Joy got Exc1 in honorclass and Best Honor! And at the end we got 1. place in Breedinggroup with Juno, Gracie & Famie! :-)

More pictures you can find in the album "Shows"


6. 12. 2014

A great photoshooting with Mykola Nevrev in Bratislava is behind us and pictures we got are sooooo great! Love them a lot! Many, many thanks Kolja for such great pictures of my girls!!!

More pictures you will find in the album "Photoshootings"


30. 11. 2014

This weekend we were on Duo-Cacib in Nitra SK.
Famie won both days the juniorclass with CAJC out of 3 juniorbitches and got at least on both days Junior-BOB. Gracie won on saturday open class with CAC out of 4 bitches, on sunday she got Exc3. My girls were great and again very successful!

23. 11. 2014

A crazy weekend is behind us, which we for sure will not repeat quickly, but it was worth to go :-) We started our journey on saturday midnight, Mani drove the whole night, I showed than my girls on sunday on Clubshow in Bydgoszcz (poland), during Mani tried to sleep a bit, than we started to drive home and arrived home at sunday midnight, totally ko :-)
So and now our results, we are very proud of them as there was really big concurrence:
Famie won juniorclass, got CAJC and than 3. best Juniorbitch. Juno got Exc2 resCAC in openclass of 3 bitches and Joy got Exc3 in a very strong championclass of 4 bitches.

More pictures you will find in the album "Shows"


22. 11. 2014

Today I made Obedience Beginner exam with Julie and Joy at ÖGV Poysdorf and reached with both girls nice points! Both girls did great! Julie got Very Good with 212 points and Joy got too Very Good with 209 points.


15. 11. 2014

What a great Clubshow in Györ / Hungary and what great results for us!
I'm proud of Joy and very proud of my own offspring - Joy's children!
We got this results:
Manjuno's Beauty Fame *FAMIE* Exc1, Junior-Winner, Best Junior Bitch, 3rd Junior-BIS
Manjuno's Bittersweet *SWEETIE* Exc2 in juniorclass
Manjuno's About A Girl *JUNO* Exc1, CAC, open class
Manjuno's Amazing Grace *GRACIE* Exc2, resCAC, open class
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star *JOY* Exc1, CAC, Best particolor female
Famie & Joy Braceclass 1. place
Juno & Sweetie Braceclass 2. place
Famie, Sweetie, Juno & Gracie breedinggroup 1. place
Joy mit Famie, Sweetie, Juno & Gracie Progenygroup 1. place

More pictures you can find in the album "Shows"

14. 11. 2014

Juno is developing great! Today I made lovely pictures of her after trimming. Too all others are trimmed. So all girls are ready for a weekend, to whome I'm looking forward for long time, as we are going to the clubshow to hungary with the judges Linda and Angela McLaren from England.


09. 11. 2014

Today we spent nice day at ÖGV Münchendorf, where I made Obedience-Beginner-Examen with Julie und Joy. Both girls did great and got nice results. Julie got Excellent with 237 points and Joy got Very Good with 218,5 points! I'm very proud of my girls!

7. 11. 2014

I had a big surprise for my girls today :-) I brought two veeery big chew-bones from the cow at home. Two chew-bones for 4 girls? No problem, die chew-bones are big enough and they are good girls, they shared them.


2. 11. 2014

Such a nice autumn allows my girls to go swimming in november. They have big pleasure with it as they looove water so much and they totally love it to retrieve toys from the water.

More pictures you will find in the album "Spaß im Wasser"


26. 10. 2014

We are back from the Eurodogshow in Brno and I'm still on cloud seven :-)
What a great show and what great result for us! Manjuno's Beauty Fame, my Famie was placed, she got as youngest with only 9 months and 4 days in her class the Exc4 from in summary 8 bitches. I'm veeery proud of my girl!!!


25. 10. 2014

The biggest event of the year can come - the Eurodogshow in Brno!
Famie is ready for the show and her first start in juniorclass! My girl looks fantastic! I'm really looking forward to this show!


19. 10. 2014

At least today Billy (Manjuno's Bedtime Story) went for trimming to me!
He is not totally ready, but I got lots of puppycoat out of him.
The fourth boy of my B-litter - Henry (Manjuno's Beloved) is trimmed by his owner, unfortunately I couldn't see him until he left into his new home.


3. 10. 2014

Also Sweetie (Manjuno's Bittersweet) was released from lots of puppycoat today!
Sweetie is sooo cute and sooo well constructed boy! I'm very satisfied with my boys from my B-litter!


1. 10. 2014

Today Dandy (Manjuno's Blissful Dreams) went first time for trimming to me!
A hairy bear went into a beautiful young boy!


28. 9. 2014

We spent the weekend in Tulln. On saturday I was helping in the ring on Cacib-Show and on sunday I showed Famie and Gracie on Clubshow!
Famie got very promising in puppyclass with a really great judgereport and Gracie got Exc.2 resCAC in a very strong open class. For Famie it was the last show in puppyclass. On EDS in Brno in October she will have her first start in juniorclass.

More pictures from the show you will find in the album "Ausstellungen"


24. 9. 2014

Yuhuuu.... Joy's confirmation of the International Champion arrived today.

06. 9. 2014

Famie did it again ... she got again BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!
We had a great show from Cockerclub SK in Bac and Famie got again very prosmising and again Best Puppy in Show, judge was Moray Armstrong from England!
Also her daddy Phil Maris Dandy Devon did great, he got Best Veteran of the show!

More pictures from the show you will find in the album "Ausstellungen"


04. 9. 2014

Today I visited sister Luna (Manjuno's Be My Beauty) together with Pinky.
I saw her first time after she left us and I like her totally. She is such a lovely young girl. Pinky and Luna had lots of fun playing together. Also I trimmed Luna first time.

More pictures from our meeting you will find in the album "Spiel, Spaß & Freunde"


31. 8. 2014

Today we were on a wonderful show from Cockerclub CZ in Zebetin.
Gracie won the open class, got Exc. 1, CAC and Famie got Very promising and in the end she got BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!! I'm sooo happy about this great results of my girls!

More pictures of the show you will find in the album "Ausstellungen"


24. 8. 2014

Today is a sad day :-(
Manjuno's Bedtime Story (Pinky) went back to us. His owner has epilepsy (which they didn't tell me before) and because of stress - yes, to have a puppy is not that easy - she got heaped seizures, and so they ment "the dog must go".
I feel terrible sorry for Pinky. He lives first for one week with a family, where the owner got allergic against dogs, so we hoped that this would be his final place. It shouldn't be so. Pinky is very thin, now we will first feed him up and than we will again search for a final life-place for him. God thanks Pinky incorporate himselfs very quick in our dogfamily and he feels very happy here together with his mummy, his sister and his halfsisters.


23. 8. 2014

This weekend we were on IHA Innsbruck and we spent lovely time together with great friends.
Juno got on both days Exc.1, CAC and Famie got Very promising with a super judgereport.

More pictures of the show you will find in the album "Ausstellungen"


16. 8. 2014

A funny weekend is behind us. Gabi with Funny and Tatjana with Sweetie from our B-litter and Duke together with me and my girls, we spent lovely time on Spanielintensivetraining in Knittelfeld, which is organised every year by the Group Steiermark of our Austrian Spanielclub. It was temporarely very wet, but we trained a lot every day. With Julie and Joy I went to the Advanced Course, with Juno to the Beginner Course. In between we made a bit Agility. With Famie I went to the Young-Dogs-Course. At the end of the week my girls made super tests. Julie got an Excellent with 227 points and a 2nd place, Joy got a Very Good with 204 points and a 3rd place in obedience. Juno passed the BH-test (her sister Healy passed too the BH-test on same day in Graz). At the end there was an agility-game, where Juno got 2nd place, Julie 3rd place and Joy 6th place.

More pictures from the Spanielintensivtraining you will find in the album "Spanielintensivkurs"


28. 7. 2014

6. 7. 2014

I was sooo much looking forward to this day ... our puppymeeting of our A- and B-litter! :-)
I rent the whole dogplace in our dogschool and we enjoyed a wonderful day together! In summary 11 cockers where here :-)
It was soooo nice to see how my proteges are developing!

More pictures of our puppymeeting you will find in album "Welpentreffen"

During our day we played a little game with our cockers, where we had to laugh a lot!

More pictures from that you will find in album "Spiel, Spaß und Freunde"

22. 6. 2014

We have a funny and really nice weekend behind us! Tatjana with Sweetie and Duke, and I with Joy, Juno and Famie were driving to Bled in Slovenia, where we shared an appartment with a friend, her husband and Cocker Balto from Rumania.

On saturday and sunday we visited the Cacib Bled and after the show on sunday we went - as every year - to the lake Bled .... unfortunately we made no pictures there as it wasn't to handle with the camera and 5 watercrazy Cocker hihi

I'm still over the moon with which wonderful results we could drive home, especially Joy, she will never can top this...

Our little onles could make their first experiences, I like it when they can learn all on outdoor-shows. Both, Sweetie and Famie, became on both days a Very promising 1, Famie got on both days Best Baby and she was shortlisted in the mainring on sunday. Juno got on both days Exc1 CAC and is now Karawanken-Winner. Joy got on saturday Exc2 resCAC and on sunday she won her class, so Exc1 CAC, she got the Cacib, best bitch and finally BOB. But thats not enough, she won the group 8 in the mainring, so BOG1 and was shortlisted for BIS! I still cannot believe it, it was so amazing... With this Cacib Joy fulfilled now all conditions for the International Champion-title!

More pictures from the show you can find in the album "Ausstellungen"

15. 6. 2014

What a great day yesterday at special-clubshow in Bac/SK!
My girls were grandious, I'm sooo happy about our results!

Manjuno's Beauty Fame - our baby Famie - got Very promising 1 and Best Baby!
Manjuno's About A Girl - our Juno - got Excellent 1, CAC, Best Variety aaaand Best Bitch!!!
Mummy of both, Make Me Smile from Luna's Star - our Joy - got too Excellent 1, CAC and has now
fulfilled all conditions for Grandchampion of Slovakia!
I'm soooo proud of my girls!!!

More pictures of the show you will find in album "Ausstellungen"

07. 6. 2014

Famie and I are visiting two times a week the puppymeeting in our dogschool and Famie has always lots of fun with playing with the other dogs.

More pictures you will find in the album "Spiel, Spa und Freunde"


01. 6. 2014

The Jagdspanielclub was organising a spanielrace, which we used to meet some puppies and their new owners from our B-litter. So Juno, Gracie and Famie spent together with Funny and Sweetie a wonderful day. I was totally enjoying to see my little ones and have sooo many sweet blueroans around me!

We too were really successful at the spanielrace :-)
1st place: Manjuno's Beauty Fame
2nd place: Manjuno's Bittersweet
3rd place: Manjuno's Blue Pearl
Open Class:
1st place: Manjuno's Amazing Grace
2nd place: Manjuno's About A Girl

I'm really proud of my team :-)

More pictures of this lovely day you will find in the album "Welpentreffen"


25. 5. 2014

Today we visited daddy Dandy from our B's and two halfsiblings of our B's in kennel Drycastle in Slovakia. Famie and I spent a wonderful afertnoon with Alex and Eva.

More pictures of our visit you will find in the album "Spiel, Spa und Freunde"


23. 5. 2014

Juno and Famie are opening the swimming-saison :-)

4. 5. 2014

Today Angie (Manjuno's nnnnnning gel in Blue) from our A-litter was here for trimming.
Angie has developed great and that little girl is such a sweetie!
She was so lucky to see me and her mum Joy again :-)

More pictures of Angie you will find in the album "Angie"


14. 4. 2014

Yesterday we had a wonderful sunday!
First I was with Juno and Joy at a dummy-seminar, which was made by our Jagdspanieclub. There we learned a lot and had lots of fun. Very motivated back at home I went with Julie in the field and we implemented with the rabbit-dummy what we learned.
Pictures therefrom you will find in the album "training"

After that I went with each of my little ones in the field for a walk and there our little ones proved, that not only the adult ones can apport :-) Our little ones are now nearly 14 weeks old and Beauty and Pinky are already searching for a new lovely home.

14. 4. 2014

Unfortunately Bedtime Story (lovely called Pinky from us) went back to us from his new owners yesterday :-(
The new owner got unfortunately a dog-allergy, so that Pinky couldn't stay with them.
Pinky is such a funny lovely boy, as he was always and he had lots of pleasure to see his mummy and his sisters again. Today it is like he never was away.
So the sweet boy is waiting for getting a great family!

31. 3. 2014

Be My Beauty and Beauty Fame are already searching for new lovely active family!
This two little girls are sooo cute! I hope so much that they will find lovely home!
Our little ones are now 10 weeks old and in two days first boy will leave us!
The last days we were very diligent... we were visiting a zooshop with our little ones, were at the agility-place in our doogschool, they got to know other dogs and we made sooooo many pictures :-)

23. 3. 2014

Crazy how the time flies! Our little ones are already 8,5 weeks old!
They have survived chiping and vaccinating super and also the litter-control was well!
Now we still have 1,5-2 weeks with our little ones after they will move to their familys. It will be totally hard for me, I'm so afraid of that moment, when our home will getting silent. But a small consolation is that our little ones were finding very nice familys, they will have it really good with their new parents.
Our two girls Be My Beauty and Beauty Fame are still looking for a new lovely family!

5. 3. 2014

Our girls and boys are already 6 weeks old. Another 4 weeks and they will leave us :-( The time runs sooo fast! We have a funny bunch here, they have lots of fun, playing together or discover new things in the garden in the puppy-playground. Our boys and one girl already found lovely new familys who are visiting us regularly.

13. 2. 2014

Our babys saw the "big world" today ... they were mobing into their big room in our livingroom. And there they got first a big portion meat :-) Halfsister Juno is so sweet with our little ones, she exerts herself in babysitting and she is quite worried when the puppies do not move because of sleeping :-)

11. 2. 2014

Our little ones are already 3 weeks old! :-)

I have such a pleasure with them! They give maaaany kisses to me and too some pinsch-kissis in my nouse hihi. I can see how they are happy when they see me, there my heart goes on!

Too our little ones got their first meatballs and at the latest now the looove me. :-) There are now many onlooker at the border of the whelpingbox when I feed them the ,eatbas and one ore the other always manages to gather all his forces to heave about. ;-)


4. 2. 2014

Our puppies are now 2 weeks old, have all opened their eyes and they too got today their names :-)
The girls are called:
Manjuno's Beauty Fame, Manjuno's Blue Pearl, Manjuno's Be My Beauty
The boys are called:
Manjuno's Bittersweet, Manjuno's Bedtime Story, Manjuno's Blissful Dreams, Manjuno's Beloved
Pictures of our little ones you will find under current litters!

28. 1. 2014

The time goes so fast ... today our little ones are already 1 week old!
I'm so happy with them, they are developing great and they are sooo sweet!

21. 1. 2014

Hurrah!!! Our 7 dwarfs are here!!!
Joy had yesterday evening a really quick birth free of any complications, she gave birth to 4 boys and 3 girls in only 3 hours. Joy and the little ones are feeling good, the little puppies are very activ and are wrangling on the milkbar for the best teats :-) I'm very proud of my Joy, that she made all so well.

More about our B-litter you will find in "current litters"!

17. 1. 2014

Today we were at vet for x-ray to know how much puppies Joy is hiding in her big belly. This gives us a bit of safeness during the birth, as we know than, if Joy is ready or if there should be more puppies in her belly.
And we could count 7 little cockerheads .... a really nice bustle in Joy's belly :-)

9. 1. 2014

Yippieh... I'm soooo happy!!!
After my young girls - Juno & Gracie - got in Wels in december their two excellent for the first step to their breeding examen, we today could finish the second step successful. We were at the DOC-eyetest. Manjuno's Amazing Grace *GRACIE* is free from all hereditary eye diseases and Manjuno's About A Girl *JUNO* is too free from all hereditary eye diseases expect for disticiasis (she has 4 fine hairs on inner lid, which is not unusual at Spaniels). Now we only need the last step for the breeding examen - the hips x-ray which we will probably make in april.

8. 1. 2014

Joy's 7th week of pregnancy is over and her belly is getting more and more. She has gained weight of 3 kg and the circumstance of her belly got 14 cm more. That's a big amount, which Joy had at birth of her a-litter. But now we have already two weeks until birthdate. We are looking forward how many puppies Joy is hiding in her belly. But Joy is feeling good and she is too eating good. At the end of this week our walkings were getting shorter and calmer, but movement must be as Joy has to be fit when the puppies will come.