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International Champion
Today Darky's certificate arrived!
Manjuno's Dark Temptation, my boy Darky is now officially International Showchampion!
I'm so happy and very proud of my boy!


Emilia & Dandy
Manjuno's Imprint of Thoughts (Emilia) and Manjuno's Knight of Fame (Dandy) are enjoying the walkings together and having lots of fun!

More pictures from our walking you can find here "Walkings"



First week of this special time is over, where I teach from at home. For the dogs it's a great time, as I can manage my time much better and we can go for a lot beautiful walks on this warm sonny days.

More pictures from our walks you can find here "Walkings"



Jonny & Dandy
father and son - unmistakeably <3



Today we got filmed whilst working out our pettrails for analysing it afterwards. Darky and Jonny are making big steps forward, this were really hard trails, and both did them very well.