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Cockerclub-Championshipshow Malvern UK
Beginning of this year I decided, that its witless to attend all kind of shows with around 10 entered Cockers and Allrounders as judges just to select some kind of titles. I decided to go in complete different direction, I prefer Clubshows or shows with breed specialists as judges where lots of Cockers are entered - a placement there has much more value for me in my breeding!

So I fulfilled a long-cherished dream, visiting the mecca of all Cocker-enthusiasts, the Championship Clubshow of The Cocker Spaniel Club UK, where anually around 300 English Cocker Spaniels are entered and where 18 years ago first (and last) time a Cocker from Austria was entered. I was there in the year 2014 just for watching, this time I attended with my Cockers. It was a fantastic experience and a wonderful journey with many different facets. I will remember it for sure for a long time and I definitly will repeat it.

Just to be there is great, but to go home with really nice results makes me really proud. Alen Ashen Jonny Lee | JONNY won class Novice Particolor with 1st price and qualified himself for Crufts 2019 with it and in class Junior All Color he got 3rd place. Manjuno's Dark Temptation | DARKY presented himself just great in open class, in which I had to enter him with his young age because of his 3 Cacibs overseas and where all showchampions were in. I knew that we will have no chance for a placement there. Manjuno's Famous Poem | IZZY got VHC in class Novice Particolor (VHC = very highly commended) and Make Me Smile from Luna's Star | JOY got a grandious 2nd price in class Veteran All Colors, with wich she qualified herself for Puppy&Veteran Challenge of The Cocker Spaniel Clubs UK in January 2019.

Soon I will publish a full report of our journey, in which you can read what we have experienced on our England journay.

Too our regional newspaper reportet our great successes in UK: "Link to the article"

In the meanwhile you can find lots of pictures from our great experience here "Holidays"




Hipp Hipp Horray
...our Manjuno's H's will change our life in middle of august :-)

More informations of the litter you can find here "Current Litter"


6th Manjuno's Meeting
A perfect day, a wonderful time, a lots of fun, a lot to talk, super barbecue, million things to eat, a joy for everyone!
Thats how I have our kennel meeting in my mind!

We were 19 people and 17 cockers and Im happy and thanksful to my Manjuno's owners that they love to be part of it! Two special things I want to mention, Natascha unfortunately went ill and it was soooo great that she sent her mum so that Muffin can be here; and Bianca and Herwig came to our meeting instead of celebrating Herwig's birthday at home, which was on same day. Someone whispered it to us in the evening, so we made a little party with champagne for him!

After our great barbecue we had spontanues funny idea to play a little game. Everyone got his eyes closed after each other and got 3 cockers on the table and had to find out who is on the table by feeling, cuddling, smelling - however. It was really great fun - even if it was really hard hihi Our winner was Bianca, she was able to recognise Dandy, Jonny and Jo-Ann correctly. I got an extra competition, I had to recognise all cockers on the meeting and I recognised ALL of them except one mistake I made, I thought Joy is Famie (it still annoyes me :p haha, but okey, this two are really very similar)

Im very much looking forward to our next year's 7th Manjuno's meeting - already than on my new house :-)

More pictures you can find here "Manjuno's Meeting"


I'm gladly like to invite all Manjuno's owners to our anual Manjuno's meeting next saturday, 30th june 2018!
I'm looking veeeery much forward to have you all again around me!


Many congrats to Katharina with Manjuno's Cute'N'Popular | LENNY and Ute with Manjuno's Dawn Spirit | ANNIE, both passed successfully the test last week so that they are now state-certified therapy-guidedogs!


What can finish a successful showday perfectly? Right - a stop on way home at a lake where dogs can swim! Especially Jonny had so much fun, he loved to retrive the toy from the water - even if he first forgot to lift his butt so that I had to jump into the water with all my clothes to safe him and show him again how to swim - finally it worked quite well. Izzy absolutely doesnt like to get wet, but she sooo much loved to come to me so that she took all her courage and jumped into the water, was shortly completely under water, swam to me and climbed on me and was horrified :-)

You can find pictures of it here "Summer"



Clubshow Polna CZ
A show which wasnt planned at all, to which I nearly couldnt go because my car was crashed completely but with Slash's owner Lisa we finally were able to drive - and I'm endless happy that we drove as we went there without any expectations and got completely overwhelmed! Beforehand - before I write results in detail - Jonny got Clubwinner and BOS, so he let 103 of the 105 entered Cockers on this show behind him. It was unbelievable! But I'm too very proud of all my other dogs we showed as all of them won their classes in huge concurrence.

Alen Ashen Jonny Lee | JONNY won a big intermediaclass with Exc1 CAC and got finally CLUBWINNER in huge concurrence, than BEST MALE and in the end BOS. Manjuno's Guns'N'Roses | SLASH won juniorclass with Exc1 CAJC on his second show. Manjuno's Famous Poem | IZZY won a really big intermediaclass with Exc1 CAC and Manjuno's Fifty Shades of Grey | JO-ANN too won open class with Exc1 CAC and finally was shortlisted for Clubwinner.

Jonny fulfills now all conditions for CZECH JUNIORCHAMPION!

Pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"



As each year some Manjuno's and friends met at the Wildpark Ernstbrunn for a walking together. Weather was great, not too hot. We walked good 2 hours, watched many different wild animals and too saw some wild-animal-babys. Our Cockers were super brave!

More pictures from the walking you can find here "Walkings"


On way home from Bac Kolya and I discovered a wonderful field of poppys. So we couldnt resist to make a stop there to make pictures of the dogs.

Im especially happy to got such great pictures of my oldie
Make Me Smile from Luna's Star | JOY
She is best what could ever happen nealy 9 years ago in my breeding!
She is my fundament, my basis of all Manjuno's! My best mum and grandmum of all my puppies! My whole pride!

I cannot say it often enough, how thanksful I am to Joy's breeder Lajla, that she trusted in me and gave me this wonderful girl!


More pictures from Jonny, Izzy, Jo-Ann and Famie you can find here "Photoshootings"


Clubshow Bac SK
I again was so crazy to enter 5 of my Cockers on Cockerclubshow in Bac. Each year it's a wonderful show on a great place and we always spend a really lovely day there. Last year Darky got Best of Breed on this show, this year the wins were smaller, but we were satisfied as well.

Alen Ashen Jonny Lee | JONNY got Exc2 in juniorclass, Manjuno's Famous Poem | IZZY won a really big juniorclass with Exc1 CAJC, Manjuno's Fifty Shades of Grey | JO-ANN won intermediaclass with Exc1 CAC, Manjuno's Beauty Fame | FAMIE got Exc1 in honorclass and Best Honor and Make Me Smile from Luna's Star | JOY got Exc2 in veteranclass. In finals we got 3rd place in breeding group :-)

Izzy fullfills now all conditions for SLOVAKIAN JUNIORCHAMPION!

Some pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


Cacib Wieselburg
We went with our youngsters to Cacib Show in Wieselburg. For Slash and his owner Lisa it was there first show - Lisa trained Slash quite well and Slash did great. Too our other results are great - all 4 won their classes under concurrence :-)

Manjuno's Guns'N'Roses | SLASH won juniorclass with Exc1 CAJC, Alen Ashen Jonny Lee | JONNY won intermediaclass with Exc1 CAC, Manjuno's Fifty Shades of Grey | JO-ANN won juniorclass with Exc1 CAJC and Manjuno's Famous Poem | IZZY won openclass with just 15 months of age with Exc1 CAC and finally got resCACIB <3. I'm really happy!




Manjuno's Dark Temptation | DARKY and I passed the BGH1-Test today at ÖGV Poysdorf, we reached 88 points and 2nd place!
I'm very proud of my boy!


Offspring of Famie and Juno
In the last weeks I groomed 3 Cockers from my breeding!

Manjuno's Fame for Life | MILA - daughter of Famie
on right side on picture, together with her sisters Izzy and Jo-Ann and her mum Famie

Manjuno's Guns'N'Roses | SLASH - son of Juno


Manjuno's Gleam'N'Glamour | POPPY - daughter of Juno



LGS Graz
During I again had to work for my judging-education in a different ring, Kolya was showing Alen Ashen Jonny Lee | JONNY, he won juniorclass with CAJC and fulfills with this all conditions for AUSTRIAN JUNIORCHAMPION and AUSTRIAN CLUBJUNIORCHAMPION! *freu*
Unfortunatly Izzy injured her shoulder a week before the show, so that she was limping and couldnt go into the ring.



Manjuno's Deep Passion | PASSION
Today Darky's sister Passion was here for a visit and I groomed this gorgeous girl! <3



Cacib Nitra SK
We spent a lovely weekend in Nitra with our youngsters and we are happy about our lovely results. Alen Ashen Jonny Lee | JONNY got Exc2 on saturday, and won juniorclass on sunday with Exc1 CAJC. Manjuno's Dark Temptation | DARKY too got Exc2 resCAC on saturday and won intermediaclass with Exc1 CAC on sunday. Manjuno's Famous Poem | IZZY won juniorclass with Exc1 CAJC on both days. Jo-Ann too was with us just for cuddling and playing with visitors of the show.

Some pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"


Cacib Brno CZ
This time we drove with our two boys - Jonny and Darky - to international Show in Brno and we came back with excellent results. It was just great! Manjuno's Dark Temptation | DARKY got Exc1 CAC and finally CACIB, Alen Ashen Jonny Lee | JONNY got Exc1 CAJC in juniorclass, finally he won Junior-BOB and than BOB. And - as its not enough - he got 2nd place in group (BOG2)!!!



Fun in the snow
Finally we have nice amount of snow so that our Cockers can have plenty of fun!

Plenty of pictures you can find here "Winter"



NDS Brünn CZ
We finished showyear 2017 with a show in Brno and we started new year too with a show in Brno. In between I had a surgery on my knee... so it was quite hurtful to show, but it worked and Kolya helped me with Jonny. :-)

Alen Ashen Jonny Lee | JONNY won juniorclass with Exc1 CAJC and finally got JUNIOR-BOB, with Manjuno's Famous Poem | IZZY I got Exc3 out of 7 juniorbitches.

Some pictures from the show you can find here "Shows"