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Happy New Year
2021 is gone and its time to take a look back to this turbulent year. Despite covid and some personal crises we achieved a lot that we are very proud of.

First boys:
+) Alen Ashen Jonny Lee fulfilled his conditions for International Show- & Beautychampion, Austrian Champion, Czech Champion and Czech Clubchampion and passed his AP-A working test & Pettrail Basic2-test. He won many classes in A, DE, CZ, SK, SLO & HU, especially he was classwinner on WDS in Brno, Vienna Clubwinner & German Clubwinner, BOB & BIS on Speciality in Germany and BOB, BOG & resBIS on Cacib in Slovenia and some Best Working Dog. And Jonny gave us a beautiful litter this autumn.
+) Manjuno's Dark Temptation was shown just twice, finished his Slovak Champion and won Honor-BIS, Best Progeny Group & Best Spaniel bred in Vienna Spanielgroup on Specialilty. Darky too passed Pettrail-Basic2-test and gave us a beautiful litter in spring as well as he gave another lovely litter in Austria and one more is awaited in Germany.
+) Manjuno's Midnight Shadow won Juniorwinner on Cacib in Tulln on his very first show.
+) Gessa D'Aran Spanish Connection aka Fabio joined our showteam this year and we are looking forward to a bright future with him.

Now girls:
+) Manjuno's Fifty Shades Of Grey, our Jo-Ann won Vienna Clubwinner & BOS on Speciality and too was classwinner on Speciality in Holland. And Jo-Ann gave us 3 beautiful puppies in spring.
+) Manjuno's Famous Poem, our Izzy won Cacib & BOB in Tulln and got Crufts qualified for 2022. She too won class on Speciality in SK.
+) Manjuno's Keep It Magic, our Maggie won most classes in A, DE & CZ, got 2nd on WDS in Brno and won German Clubwinner & BOS on Speciality. Now she gave us a beautiful litter and hopefully future of my breeding.
+) Manjuno's Incredible Soul - Mia in CZ won class on Speciality in CZ.
+) Manjuno's Beauty Fame, our Famie was shown just one time in honor class, we are very much looking forward for her real comeback in veterans.
+) Manjuno's About A Girl, Juno had her first shows in veterans after a long break from shows and loved to be in showring again. She got Best Veteran on Speciality in CZ and resVeteranwinner twice on Specialities in Austria.
+) Manjuno's Luxury of Fame (Zoey) & Manjuno's Nice But Naughty (Peggy) made their first experiences in showring, to mention Peggy winning Puppy-BIS on Cacib Tulln on her very first show.
+) Manjuno's Hot Chili Pepper (Chili in Poland), Manjuno's Kind O'Sweet (Lily in Sweden), Manjuno's Fairytale (Fairy in Germany) and Manjuno's Evening Glow (Amy in Germany) gave their owners wonderful puppies.

Last but not least I collected my first judge experiences this year and Im looking for many more experiences in the future!

Retrospective I cant believe that we managed to do so much in this crazy times. Im thanksful to my dogs that they never let me down and that they are my very best companions I could wish. Many thanks to all people around me who are always helping me in different ways - my parents Elisabeth & Friedrich Eisen, my friends Mykola, Sylvia, Andrea, Lisa, Jacky and many more, breeders who trusted us with a puppy or a studdog - Lajla, Elena, Maria & Gerda. And all the judges who appreciated our Cockers this year - Maja Horvat, Pavel Sulcek, Monika Blaha, Darina Mervova, Samantha Gladman, Frank Kane, Michael Gruber, Günter Wonisch, Laurent Pichard & Antia Marcus.


Euroean Dog Show & European Spaniel Speciality Budapest
We finished the yeaer at a big show and some lovely days in Budapest. On the EDS Jonny (Alen Ashen Jonny Lee) got Exc4 out of 8 males in workingclass, in the afternoon placings were reversed and Jonny won the class with Exc1 CAC under breedspecialist Samantha Gladman from UK. Fabio (Gessa D'Aran Spanish Connection) got on both shows Very promising 3, he still is very stubborn in the ring, so we have to train much more with him :-)

More pictures from the show you can find here: "Shows"



Merry Christmas
We wish all our friends a merry Christmas!


Manjuno's P's
Last night Maggie gave birth to her first litter! We have 2 boys and 4 girls in blueroan & blueroan/tan and we are very happy and looking very much forward watching them growing.


IHA Tulln
We spent a great day on the show in Tulln. I entered Jonny (Alen Ashen Jonny Lee) and Izzy (Manjuno's Famous Poem) and aswell Jonnys son Shadow (Manjuno's Midnight Shadow) and Izzy's niece Peggy (Manjuno's Nice But Naughty) were entered by their owners. It was their first show and I of course helped the owners. We got great results, more than we had dreamed of. Totally unexpected Izzy von Cacib and Best of Breed and is now Crufts qualified for 2022 and Jonny won resCacib. Shadow won the Juniorwinner and is too Crufts qualified for 2022. Peggy got a very promising in puppyclass and was allowed to enter the mainring, where she won Puppy-Best in Show under more than 20 puppies from different breeds. We are very proud of our Cockers and are very happy.

More pictures from the show you can find here: "Shows"


Manjuno's P's
In joyful anticipation I can publish, that ultrasound showed today, that Maggie and Duke will get parents in december. The puppies this time will not be born in my house, but at Maggie's owners place - I will be there for help. After Maggie's owner helped me a lot at my last litters, she is finally able to experience the joy of having a litter at home. Of course I will visit them a lot making pictures and watch them growing. We are very much looking forward to 4th Manjuno's generation!


Manjuno's O's
Our puppies are already 10 weeks old and first one - Rumo will already move to her new home. Her siblings will stay a bit longer with us!


Walking in the Hagenbachklamm
This year we discoverd the Hagenbachklamm for the first time together with many Manjunos. At 10 in the morning all 30 people with 29 Spaniels met for the walking, in the beginning it was really cold but this was quickly not to feel during walking. After we made a grouppicture, we started. The way was relativley level, sometimes there were roots or stones and we went over lots of bridges. The autumn colors in the Klamm were wonderful and we enjoyed the wonderful ambiente a lot. After a good hour we reached the end of the Klamm and we decided to return to come not too late to the restaurant - and we already were hungry. Our group was spreaded over the whole Klamm and many people wondered about so many dogs of the same breeds and admired them. Back at the start we drove with the cars to the restaurant Bonka 10 minutes away, where they organised two long tables for us in a wonderful room. We ate excellent, some of us the preordered goose. We chatted a lot and so the afternoon quickly went forward so that slowely everyone started their way back home. It was a wonderful day!

More pictures from the walking you can find here: "Walkings"


Our journey to Holland
Sometimes it comes different than thought. When Maggie started her season I hoped that she will have "her days" on a weekend, as during the week it would work with my work to go to Holland. In a talk with the studdogowner I found out that on the expected weekend the Cocker-Championship-Clubshow takes place in Holland and I was able to enter in time.
Maggie und her progesteronlevel were glad to us and so we started our journey on friday after work and drove nearly the whole night, arrived the studdogowner on saturday morning and Maggie & Duke had their first date.
At midday we drove to the westcoast where we visited Joys breeder. I had Joy with me and it was such a pleasure that I could show Joy to her breeder after 10 years and probably for the last time. It was a wonderful and very emotional visit.
On sunday we took part on the show. Jonny got Exc2 and Jo-Ann won championclass with Exc1 CAC. And they both got best Couple. It was a wonderful day, we saw so many gorgeous Cockers. After the show we drove again to the studdogowner for Maggie & Duke's second date. After all, we started our journey back home, drove the whole night and arrived at home in the morning, slept 3 hours and than went to work again. :-)
Yes - a bit crazy - but if you have big plans, you have to do :-) Now we have to cross our fingers!

More pictures from the show you can find here: "Shows"

Joy in the arms of her breeder

Joy with her halfsister Healy

Jonny & Duke - the two Alen Ashen on the show



World Dog Show Brno
Awww what a day for us!
It felt soooo good to be on the World Dog Show 2021 and Im very, very happy and proud of our results!
Alen Ashen Jonny Lee - our Jonny boy - never let us down, he won his class with CAC and also was selected to the last cut for the best male! His daughter Manjuno's Keep It Magic - our Maggie - got 2nd place in openclass with resCAC! Many thanks to our judges for appreciating our Cockers and many thanks to Mykola for being part of us!

More pictures from the show you can find here: "Shows"



Manjuno's Nice But Naughty
Peggy was here today for her first grooming. She developed so great. Im already looking very much forward to her first show.



Gessa D'Aran Spanish Connection
Our vaccation in spain in summer not just brought us relaxing but too one new Cocker member. May I introduce: Gessa D'Aran Spanish Connection - Fabio increases our team! He is co-owned with Sylvia Handl!


Cockerclubshow SK
Today Darky and Izzy were with Kolya at the Cockerclubshow in SK and showed themselves in best way. Darky got resCAC and fulfilled all conditions for Slovakian Champion and Izzy won the class with CAC.



Manjuno's Hot Chili Pepper
This night Chili got her first puppies at her owner in Poland. We are happy with Karoline Juszczyk about 6 girls and one boy in blueroan and orangeroan and with her a wonderful time with the puppies!


Manjuno's Kind O'Sweet
Emilia and Lily obviously had a deal :-) Today Lily got her first puppies in Sweden. We congrats breeder Jenny Ekesand to 3 boys and one girl in blueroan and blueroan/tan and wish them lots of pleasure with the little ones!


Our O-litter is born!
This night Emilia gave birth to her first puppies! Proud daddy is Jonny. We are happy to welcome 5 strong blueroans - 3 boys and 2 girls - and we are looking forward to watch them growing!


9th Manjuno's Meeting
This year our Manjuno's meeting took part for the 9th time - first time in my new house/garden - and it was such a wonderful day with so many lovely people and Cockers! 26 Cockerpeople and 22 cockers spent a really hot day in best mood. Already in the morning we ment in front of my house for a pettrailtraining. Many Manjuno's could try trailing for the first time. Everyone was excited how great our Cockers work. Rest of the day we spent with lots of good food, chating and spending time together.
We were: 1x A-Litter, 1x B-Litter, 2x D-Litter, 2x F-Litter, 1x H-Litter, 2x I-Litter, 1x K-Litter, 2x L-Litter, 1x M-Litter and 2x N-Litter.
THANK YOU to all Manjuno's owners for coming!

More pictures from the meeting you can find here: "Manjuno's Meetings"


Spaniel Speciality Nürtingen
Sometimes its time to do something very crazy - so we did on that weekend. After we went back home on saturday from Vienna Spaniel Show at 19 o'clock, we took a shower and went back in the car again, to drive to Nürtingen. After a stop and 3,5 hours of sleep somewhere in germany, we reached the show on sunday morning. Weather on sunday was the opposite of that on saturday - it was raining until finals in mainring with low temperatures. But our journey was super successful, we drove back home on same day, totally ko, but with super results :D
Alen Ashen Jonny Lee (Jonny) won workingclass with CAC-VDH, got Best Male with CAC-Club and finally won Best of Breed. In mainring he ran all the way to Working-Best in Show and finally to Best in Show! Manjuno's Keep It Magic (Maggie) too won openclass with CAC-VDH out of 3, got Best Bitch with CAC-Club and finally won BOS! In finals Jonny and Maggie too won Best Couple.
Im especially happy that I could see Manjuno's Evening Glow (Amy) and Manjuno's Fairytale (Fairy) again after soo many years - they live in Germany and were visitors on the show!
It was a mega successful weekend on that I will think back for long with proud and pleasure!

More pictures from the show you can find here: "Shows"




Vienna Spaniel Show
The Vienna Spaniel Show, organised by our regional group, was a huge success. As this time I wasnt showreferent, I could show myself and I enjoyed it a lot. Despite it was ultahot on that day it was a super day with great friends and it was sooo great to meet Mykola again after such a long time because of Covid. Expecially I was very happy that so many kids of Darky from 4 different breeders were entered on the show. Now to our results:
Alen Ashen Jonny Lee (Jonny) got CAC in workingclass and won Vienna Clubwinner, sadly he had big troubles with the heat, so he didnt want to move in the final round for BOB. Manjuno's Fifty Shades of Grey (Jo-Ann) got CAC in championclass and too won Vienna Clubwinner and finally BOS. Manjuno's Luxury of Fame (Zoey) won juniorclass with JCAC, Manjuno's Keep It Magic (Maggie) wo openclass with CAC, Manjuno's About A Girl (Juno) got Exc2, resVeteranwinner. I entered Manjuno's Dark Temptation (Darky) and Manjuno's Beauty Fame in honorclass (out of concurrence - they didnt compete for BOB) and both got Exc1, Darky won Best Honor and Best Spaniel bred in LG Vienna. Darky & Jo-Ann got Best Couple, Darky, Famie, Jo-Ann, Zoey & Maggie got Best Breedinggroup and Darky with all his entered kids won Best Progeny Group. And the little orange Darky-son Juno (Duncan Donut of Amazing Kindness) won Baby-BIS. And last but not least Manjuno's Famous Poem (Izzy) competed with Vici at "Child with Dog" - both did soooo well!

More pictures from the show you can find here: "Shows"







Cockerclubshow Suchohrad
Whilst I was at home playing babysitter for Fabio, Jonny drove with Sylvia to Slovakia where he Mykola showed him on Cockerclubshow in Suchohrad and where he won workingclass with Exc1 CAC and Best Working Dog.



Manjuno's Midnight Shadow
Shadow was here for grooming and Im very satisfied how he develops. He is a beautiful youngster and Im more than happy that we will meet him on shows in future!



Cacib Rogla
As Jonny need a last Cacib abroad for his IntCh, we decided to go to Cacib Rogla in Slovenia for one day. It was a special showplace, on the top of the hill Rogla with super sight around and we reached more than we dreamed. Alen Ashen Jonny Lee (Jonny) won CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed. So now Jonny is International Beautychampion and International Showchampion. In mainring Jonny won group 8 with Best of Group and finally resBest in Show! Wow! Im mega proud of my boy and soooo happy!
Manjuno's Keep It Magic (Maggie) competed too and got Exc1 CAC in openclass.

More pictures from the show you can find here: "Shows"


Styrian Winner Knittelfeld
To help Regional Group with entries, we drove to the Styrian Winner Show to spend a nice day with friends and we too got nice results:
Alen Ashen Jonny Lee (Jonny) got CAC in workingclass, Manjuno's Keep It Magic (Maggie) won CAC in openclass out of 3 and Manjuno's About A Girl (Juno) got Exc2 resVeteranwinner. In finals Jonny & Maggie got Best Couple.

More pictures from the show you can find here: "Shows"




Walking Wildpark Ernstbrunn
As each year we met lots of Cockerfriends for a walking through Wildpark Ernstbrunn and again lots of Manjuno's took part. It was a super lovely day!

More pictures from the walking you can find here: "Walkings"


Cockerclubshow in CZ
Puppies moved and the first shows - an outdoor clubshow - start. With big pleasure we drove to the Cockerclubshow in Zebetin in CZ to smell a bit of show air and meet old friends. With lovely resutls and lots of great pictures we finally drove home. Im especially happpy, that I could meet Mia from my I-litter and my singleton Joleen from my J-litter again after such a long time!
Now to the results: Alen Ashen Jonny Lee (Jonny) won workingclass with CAC out of 3 males, Manjuno's Luxury of Fame (Zoey) had her showdebut in juniors with Exc2 out of 3 and Manjuno's Keep It Magic (Maggie) got Exc2 resCAC out of 5 in intermediaclass. I too was allowed to show Manjuno's Incredible Soul (Mia), she won open class with Exc1 CAC out of 4. My Juno - Manjuno's About A Girl - had her comeback in showring after a break of many years in veteranclass and she got Exc1 Veteranwinner and Veteran-BOB. In finals Jonny & Maggie got Best Couple and Zoey, Maggie and Mia got Best Breedinggroup.

More pictures from the show you can find here: "Shows"







Moving of our N's
Time flies so quick, now our N's are already 10 weeks old and start to move into their new homes. I wish all new owners lots of pleasure with Archie, Malia & Peggy!


Darky's Puppies in Kennel of Amazing Kindness
Today I visited Darky's puppies at breeder Alexandra Keiblinger and we made lovely pictures of the little ones. This 3 girls and 2 boys develope great!

More pictures of Darky's and April's puppies you can find here: "Nachzucht Darky"


Youngsters Part 2
Maggie (Manjuno's Keep It Magic) and Dandy (Manjuno's Knight Of Fame) too got their grooming recently. Each time seeing them Im falling in love with them even more and more. Im so proud of breeding such typey Cockers with such a great temperament.

More pictures from both you can find under K-Litter in their album!

Manjuno's Keep It Magic - Maggie


Manjuno's Knight Of Fame - Dandy



Whilst the little puppies start to move and slovely start to be minidogs, our youngsters from the last two litters develope to lovely Cockers. Im very happy that many of them came in the last weeks for the first grooming so that I have the opportunity to make them a lovely and correct care of coat and to see their developement.

More pictures of the youngsters you can find under Litters in the albums of each of them!

Manjuno's Luxury of Fame - Zoey


Manjuno's Literary of Fame - Cooper


Manjuno's Midnight Shadow - Shadow


Manjuno's Moscow Night - Merlin


Manjuno's Morning Breeze - Flora



Pettrail Basic 2
After we started last year in january with pettrailing (tracking lost animals) and making finally in june our first exam, the Pettrail Basic 1, Jonny and Darky competed yesterday with me for the next level, the Pettrail Basic 2 and we succeeded. Im so so proud of my boys!


Manjuno's N's
Today in the night Jo-Ann's 3 very chunky puppies arrived - two girls in blueroan and one boy in blueroan/tan. We are very happy about our new arrivals and we are looking very much forward to a wonderful time with them.

All puppies are reserved.


Goodbye Manjuno's Magic Sunset
Today we made the last walk together with little Sissi and her mum Juno. Sissi will start her long journey to south of france to the breeder Valerie Contardo! I wish Valerie lots of pleasure with this little treasure!

More pictures from our last walk you can find here: "Manjuno's Magic Sunset"


Darky's puppys in kennel Blue Orange
Today I visited Darky's puppies at Mag. Wolfgang Käpf and made pictures of this super cute puppies!

More pictures from the puppies you can find here: "Progeny Darky"


Darky will be papa again
In the kennel of Amazing Kindness Darky babies in blueroan and orangeroan will too be expected in middle of march! I wish the breeder Alexandra Keiblinger all the best and a lot of pleasure with her litter!


Manjuno's N's
We are hoping for beautiful puppies in blueroan and blueroan/tan by our Darky & Jo-Ann in middle of march!


A happy, healthy and exciting new year
to all our friends and Manjuno's!