Jona vom Kreuzbergfeld - *JULIE*

female, black
born on 13.02.2008

Father: Tabaluga vom Rockerparadies
Mother: Ella vom Kreuzbergfeld

Hips B, prcd-PRA & FN clear
Cataract not clear

Obedience Beginner, Agility LK 2
Vereinsmeister Agility 2010 & 2011 3. Platz
Vereinsmeister BGH 1 2009 2. Platz
Leistungsplankette Bronce

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Julie is our sovereign head of our dogfamily, the lovely big "sister" for Joy and the grandious and endless patient "aunt" for Juno, Gracie & Famie. Julie loves to relax in our bed or in the sun. However at agility or mantrailing Julie shows her temperament, she has so much pleasure with it. Julie is learning really quick, but sometimes she has her own mind what she want to do or not.