Alen Ashen Jonny Lee - *JONNY*

male, blueroan, born on 10.02.2017

Father: Int-Ch, Multi-CH, J-EW Alen Ashen Tour de France
Mother: WW Alen Ashen Jamaica

co-owned with Mykola Nevrev

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Int-Ch, Multi-Ch, J-EW
Alen Ashen Tour de France
Lindridge Five Star Sorbrook Bucks Fizz Lochdene Orpheus at Sorbrooks
Sorbrook Airs and Graces
Lindridge Fragnantcloud GB-Ch, CAN-Ch, Am-Ch
Coltrim Cincinnati
Lindridge Calypso Magic
Alen Ashen Rose Marie
Lynwater Rock Rose
Quasar Total Recall
Lynwater Forget-me-not
Alen Ashen Rendez-Vous Int-Ch
Fils Makintosh Maris
Phil Maris Benefice
WW, Rus-Ch
Alen Ashen Jamaica
Cassom Just'N'Time Gb-Ch
Charbonnel Life'N'Time
Manaca's Learn Life's Ropes
At Charbonnel
Charbonnel Pinny'N'Pearls
Cassom Calamity Jane Gb-Ch
Cassom Hey Jude
Cassom Busy Lizzie
Alen Ashen Carte Blanshe Int-Ch
Alen Ashen Johnny Cake
Phil Maris Incognito
Normari Guardian Motty
Alen Ashen Simfonia Alen Ashen Svein
Alen Ashen Rendez-vous

Jonny is a boy I dreamed long about! And he is not just beautiful, he has amazing character. He is so easygoing, openminded to everyone and everything, he loves to play with everyone, he is always in a good mood and he loves to work. He is very much loved from all of us!